What is it Qt and its prospects

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

What is it Qt and its prospects

Qt is a cross-platform application framework which is extensively utilizing to develop application software with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and also can be used to develop non-GUI products for instance consoles for servers and command-line tools.

Qt software produced by Nokia’s Qt Development Framework department that set going after Nokia’s acquisition of the original producer of Qt, Trolltech (Norwegian company).

Qt utilizes standard C++ however widely uses a special code generator moc (Meta Object Complier) along with some macros to improve the language. Qt can also be employed in some other programming languages by means of language bindings. It operates on all chief platforms and possesses vast internalization support. Qt is free and open source software.

Qt has been in use for 15 years and it has assisted great number of companies and developers:

  • Reduce their development time by about 50%;
  • Develop highly innovative and advanced devices and applications;
  • Decrease their code on more than 50%;
  • Use 50 % faster thanks to better code maintainability.

Qt permits to develop up-to-date applications and UIs only once and then spread out them across unilateral operating systems and desktop and you don’t have to rewrite the source code which allows you to save development cost and time. Developers just utilize code from one device platform or target to another through reusing code. They can focus on developing the applications instead of keep up APIs.

Qt is available for the following platforms:

  • Mac OS X;
  • Windows;
  • Windows CE / Mobile;
  • Symbian;
  • MeeGo;
  • Linux / X11;
  • Embedded Linux;

Developers and UI designers may operate together in a design-driven process to develop touch enabled, reciprocal applications and UIs for each platform which Qt can support.

If you know CSS, JavaScript and HTML you can easily utilize Qt Quick.

Developers can either target millions of Symbian and forthcoming MeeGo devices or develop UIs for own device.

Qt supplies the building blocks – a wide set of customized widgets, style engine, graphics canvas and more you need to create advanced user interfaces. Unite multimedia audio or video, 3D graphics, animations and visual effects to leave competitors behind.

Qt creator allows developers:

  • Easily create visual properties and elements via Qt Quick designer
  • Utilize a line-by-line visual debugger. Code completion and syntax highlighting
  • Economize time thanks to mobile UI simulator
  • Efficiently and quickly pattern including rapid search locator and plentiful short cuts

Qt provides a tried, tested and robust application and UI framework to develop rich fascinating applications for Nokia Symbian smarthphones and also developers can have apps ready for upcoming devices based on MeeGo.

Qt highly decreases development effort via intuitional APIs which provide more functionality while using less code. While utilizing Nokia Qt SDK you can develop applications with an only code-base for multitude of Maemo, Symbian and upcoming MeeGo devices, and also desktop platforms. As Qt is framework and is not a runtime, your applications operate with native performance.

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