What Should I Launch My Game App On?

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 7, 2015

What Should I Launch My Game App On?
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The obvious choice…

…Is not that obvious. The application market is huge and the audience is enormous. However, despite everybody enjoys a decent app going for development on several platforms at the very same time may be expensive leading you to the necessary hard choice. Ultimately everybody loves a good game, however people buying iOS devices are different from people who prefer Google’s OS. And if this crucial part is left aside there are still markets.

Apple Store

You have to know your cards before the gamble. What may Apple Store offer your business? Apple provides developers with a truly amazing platform crafted to fit their needs. There are multiple tools provided that are both convenient and well spread (with a few exceptions where Apple is weak like automation frameworks required for Unit testing in agile projects). You may develop universal applications that will work smoothly on all mobile devices from Apple like the iPhone, the iPad and iPod touch.

However all iOS applications are forced to meet Review Guidelines provided by Apple Store. Basically every application is reviewed before published so there is always a small chance your app will not fit and this will end up with more re-working. The other pitfall you should be prepared for is that Apple Store is already quite crowded considering it has a more narrow audience of device owners that all Android based devices may offer.

Google Play

There are millions of Android devices from various top tech providers like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC and others. This means there are millions of potential users for your new application. Fewer rules and a considerably larger market is what Google has to offer. There also is no review process in Google Play.

However device variety may be more than a great bonus. Testing is a nightmare when so much has to be considered. Development may be more complex and will definitely be more expensive. But then again, the revenue may be larger. And Google Play grows way faster than Apple Store.

That noted…

Now, that we have considered all mentioned above there is but one tip left for you to consider. If you have an in-house team make sure they are doing what they are best at that is the only right way to succeed. Don’t force iOS developers to write Android apps just because you prefer that marketplace and vice versa. Sure that may be a downfall if your business goals are considered, however there is always outsourcing!

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