What Should You Do For Your Web Design To Be Awesome?

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 24, 2014

What Should You Do For Your Web Design To Be Awesome?
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Web design is the most important part of any website design & development services process. If everything is looking great and understandable you will have your user audience. If not, well, it’s a cruel world we are living in. Thus it’s Usability and Utility that are making sure you have some extra users, not the fancy layout. After all the entire page was built for them to see it, to use it, to purchase your goods and services rather than the ones of your competitor.

Where to be headed with your design? There are some major trend everybody adores and that are combining Usability with sweet looks if one puts his mind into it:

  • Go responsive – a great thing to do I the world of mobile devices
  • Go flat – flat’s in trend thus you are to use all its benefits before mankind came up with something else
  • Go scrolling rather than clicking – there are lots of such themes available and they will fit fine with mobile device using visitors
  • Go interactive – users are not too much into reading nowadays, so if you are having large blocks of text you should try making them interactive, with pop-outs and shifting and other user –friendly activities.

Although there are many other things you will be able to implement on your page it might be easy to say what you definitely should never do to your users. Otherwise no design will be able to save your site and your spent effort.

What to avoid while creating a great website?

  • Avoid pop-ups as they are quite irritating. If you are using one as the site requires such an activity try for it to be as creative and interactive as possible. Make your user happy rather than frustrated.
  • You don’t want to be contacted? Don’t make a website. Your contacts have to be easily accessible or you are risking to lose your users trust. You’re not a pirate or a terrorist are you?
  • Too many animations is never good. Especially if they are blinking, shifting, glittering… creating the desire to kill. Users won’t be focused on what you want them to, like goods services, news, whatever it is you have on your page.
  • Links you are having on your site are a weapon. Thus they have to be sharp, precise an accurate. If a user’s clicking on a ‘lovely kittens’ link he does not wish to take an unforgettable journey to your or any other ‘link suppliers’ let’s say, homepage, or even worse, a 404 page.
  • Tiny font sizes? Seriously? Are you finding this readable enough? Or is there a license agreement with the devil on your page? I believe it’s not there. Thus you are to try making your content quite readable.

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