What To Choose: Free SEO or Paid SEM?

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 22, 2013

What To Choose: Free SEO or Paid SEM?
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You can drive traffic to your website in many ways, but there are two main ways the most important: Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Often SEO is confused with SEM.

So What Distinguishes Free SEO From Paid SEM?

SEO can be called a part of the SEM. It includes optimization of pages and link building. Its purpose is to achieve high results during organic search, by turn SEM includes all the rest including PPC traffic.

When to Use Free SEO?

Using Free SEO many people think they will succeed in money saving. But it can’t be called a cheap alternative, because it takes enormous amount of time. However you need SEO Services in the cases below:

  • Long-tail and less competitive keywords. You can achieve high rankings for long-tail keywords without resorting to a large number of SEO efforts. In the case of less competitive words it is the right decision to use SEO because your costs will likely pay off.
  • When you have a strict budget. If you have limited funds and a lot of time to use SEO is probably the only one option. Start with SEO, and when you budget permits, proceed to PPC.

When to Use Paid SEM?

Using just free SEO you will not achieve the desired result. Reasons to apply SEM:

  • Competitive keywords. This isn’t easy to conquer such words organically. Taking into consideration, how much time SEO takes, it’s easier to use PPC than organic.
  • Lots of traffic is needed in limited time. When you cannot wait the only true solution is PPC.
  • To get better effect. Are you satisfied with your position? If not, turn to paid listings, they are viewed above organic ones. However remember that users often consider paid listings unreliable.
  • To discover keywords converting well. PPC campaign will help you to check whether the keyword converts. If so, you can be sure to spend money on it and increase your SEO efforts.

Try to use strengths of SEO and SEM and choose what to use proceeding from your situation.

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