What Were Your Decisions That Have Killed Your Startup?

QArea Team by QArea Team on November 3, 2014

What Were Your Decisions That Have Killed Your Startup?
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With the amount of startups popping out here and there within a couple of second’s interval it’s quite easy to get lost. And it is even easier to make a false step ant to fail your entire startup. Here is a list of common mistakes many young and creative startupers are commencing within their fresh companies. Errors which are leading people to failure. Errors you’d rather never commit. Thus here is a list at your disposal. A sort of a ‘not-to do list’.

  • Don’t overcomplicate everything. Startups are supposed to be young, fresh and creative. Thus it’s like with packing for a vacation. Plan all you need into your project-plan briefcase and then, after consideration get rid of half of useless things in there.
  • When a startup has to fresh and creative, leave all the paper things like licenses, agreements, financing, etc. as they are. Documents and budget planning are not the things you are to be creative with.
  • Time is your enemy. You are to release your product as fast as possible or the odds are somebody else will do so before you. Sure you are not to release raw products but waiting until all is perfect is wasting time and investments. There is no such thing as perfect software. When your idea is ready for common use you are to launch it after a bit of polishing. As easy, as that.
  • And don’t worry about your design too much! If it’s your first startup we are talking about and you are not outsourcing any design works it’s most likely to be a little bit ugly. This is something that may be gained only with experience. Relax; your next products will be way better looking!
  • Startups are usually not too large and but a few people are working within such new companies. And you need to hire only the appropriate few people. You don’t want them to fail over and over, you don’t want to change the team in the middle of development or before launch, you don’t want people capable of simply skipping work or even quitting without any reason whatsoever. Managing your team will be extremely hard especially in something as agile as a startup when the same people are both in marketing, development, testing and even sales departments at the very same time. A good thing to do here is to give your potential employees a really difficult task (yet the one that you believe should be capable of managing). This will make things easier by, at the very least, eliminating the unskilled and lazy.
  • Regardless of a startup being your idea in general you are also to listen to your product’s end users. Make sure they will be happy with your future solution; otherwise the whole activity may prove quite pointless.
  • One more thing about end-users. You can’t make everybody happy. There will always be people that will complain about your solution. Just ignore those complaints unless the event is massive. Find your target audience and try following the needs of 50-60% of them and trust me. That approach may give you 95% fan-base amongst your target audience.

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