What Will New Year Bring To HTML?

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January 5, 2015
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Since New Year is coming shortly it would be nice to remember things that are making our world as great as it is. Perhaps there are many things worth mentioning more but, imagine where would we be without HTML? Seriously, how would something as important as WWW be doing without proper HTML nowadays?  Though HTML may truly be considered a slowpoke considering only 5 releases within 25 years 2015 may bring a lot of curious things within this masterpiece. But all lef aside what does the future hold for HTML?

  • Patent assurances. This may indeed prove of high importance to many enterprises that are relying or are dependent of guarantees of HTML 5 standards. And such assurances will be achieved with the final standards version of HTML 5. Being a fairly complex set of technologies many are gaining from standards are to be in place for protecting rights and preventing lawsuits.
  • Parity for hybrid apps! Over past three years HTML 5 browser adoption has improved greatly, that is true. But what about mobile devices that are gaining more popularity by the minute! WebView improvements will lead HTML impact on mobile to a brand new level.  After Android lollypop and iOS 8 released implementing new JIT JS compilers as well as WebGL components to WebView will HTML 5 will be truly magical. This is solving many issues indeed as until recent time hybrid applications had many issues on mobile devices as JS was really slow (about a quarter of browser speed) due inferior WebView. But not now as with new OS’s HTML 5 will be of best use in hybrid applications in 2015.
  • Many tools, platforms and frameworks are relying on JS and HTML. Many will be eager of using third-party tools with HTMP app development for many reasons as viewing client-side of the app or more agility and productivity. Many tools are simplifying development by allowing access to all HTML 5 innovations while leaving all the complications away. This will indeed be improved in 2015 as is quite awaited ad required in the market, leading us to the only rational conclusion. There will be people interested in both using and developing new and improved HTML tools.

So this is what future holds for HTML, and besides all that we are happy to congratulate you with the upcoming 2015! All the best to you and your loved ones in the New Year!

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