What You Can and Should Do With Twitter

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 6, 2015

What You Can and Should Do With Twitter
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SEM Services are on fire today! Time flies faster than tweets. Trends change and people demand new, better ways of entertainment. That is exactly why they use twitter and Facebook. Sure their activities may seem like communication or social interactions or even work, but, to tell you the truth internet is entirely about entertainment. People demand soft, smooth, simple and beautiful solution. It can even be said that people are spoiled with all the amazing solutions easily available online.

And yet, those people are your customers or leads who may be converted into new clients and your entire Twitter strategy has to be based on gaining their attention, love and support. It does not matter what industry you are working in, people are still people. And people are not always perusing same goals and they definitely are not interested in all same things over and over. That’s why popular trends we are going to talk about do exist.

Why should you follow trends in your Twitter campaigns?

There was once this person who invented wearing iron plates in combat. And those plates deflected several arrows and sword slashes, allowing this person to survive. Other saw it and started using the very same trick to survive a little longer. That’s how trends work. A person presents a new, better solution and everybody follows it. The catch is that, within some time, every warrior has expected his king or warlord to provide him with body armor.

And people, who have been presented with something awesome in their Twitter feed, after time, presume everybody should deliver such quality to them. And if somebody does not, he is slowly forgotten. If that is not your primary business goal, gaining from latest trends is a necessity in your marketing campaigns. (We are aware that the example given above is not historically. The example was a mere visualization tool, not more).

4 hot trends of 2015

  • Go for videos. Custom videos will work best, but all possible video content (if properly chosen) will work for you. You can make viral videos, you can create branded content to engage users with a story you are willing to tell, and you may combine these two approaches. In any way videos will work for your business in 2015.
  • Engage people in charity or sharing activities. Display series of anonymous tweets with confessions or highlight several social issues like racial abuse or domestic violence. Give people a place where they can freely share all their thoughts and they will never leave your brand.
  • Researches have proven the lion share of all viral content is emotional. Create content that triggers feelings of your followers. We are not saying your feed has to be overfilled with toddlers who save kittens from forest fires, but you definitely must invent a way of using the emotional content.
  • Interact with your followers. Engage them in conversations. Listen to them, comment on their ideas. This is, and probably will remain one of the best Twitter marketing practices of all times.

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