What you need to know about Windows Phone 7

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

What you need to know about Windows Phone 7
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At the latest Mobile World Congress Microsoft gave people a brief glimpse of the long-expected Windows Phone 7. There are some new features such as the integration of many of Microsoft products into the phone and a booming app marketplace among the updates.

There are some of new Windows Phone 7 applications and features:

  • Internet Explorer 9 Mobile. Microsoft claims that customers can wait for Windows Phone 7 browser upgrade during the second half of 2011. Taking into account such software giant IE9 Mobile will present a greatly improved mobile web browser for Windows Phone 7 users.
  • Multitasking applications. Multitasking features are really necessary today as sometimes people use several applications at the ame time.
  • Copy and Paste. Users will have an opportunity to copy text from web pages, text messages, Office Mobile documents and emails and paste it everywhere you are allowed to type.
  • Twitter integration straight into the People Hub. Twitter will be instilled into the People hub just like Facebook.
  • Xbox Live Games. This hub provides the first and the only official Xbox Live on a phone. It comprises of spotlight feed and the capability to see avatar, gamer profile and achievements and certainly Xbox Live games.

Windows Phone 7 must be an astonishing mobile phone operating system offering innovative functionality and user interface, as well as an excellent development platform which allows easily and quickly create applications and games. A great number of new devices, a new marketplace and a powerful software platform attract Windows Phone 7 developers and supply easy access to apps. Undoubtedly consumer demand for Windows Phones will be great and Windows Phone platform will be quickly capitalized on today’s rapidly growing mobile marketplace.

As to developer side, Windows Phone Marketplace has more than 4 000 applications and 18 000 developers, it is a desirable pace for any new platform. There are more paid apps 1 027 than free applications 576 in the Microsoft Store.

WP 7 covers the best balance of any smart phone either local storage or web-oriented which uses the cloud for such information as applications and contacts, connects to a PC or Mac merely for large updates, video and music syncing. Google and Facebook contacts perfectly sync and integrate. It is automatic, built-in and free to find note syncing, photo uploading and lost phone.

February 11, 2011 Microsoft and Nokia declared their plans to form a wide strategic partnership which utilize their additional expertise and force to establish a new world-wide mobile ecosystem. Microsoft and Nokia mean to create in common leading mobile services and products destined to present consumers, developers and operators unsurpassed opportunity and choice. While every company would concentrate on its basic competences the cooperation would produce the possibility for fast time to market accomplishment. Moreover Microsoft and Nokia plan to cooperate to introduce key assets and generate absolutely new service offers and expand established services and products to new markets.

Only two and a half years ago that the team Microsoft Windows Phone 7 came together for a sole mission – to produce an absolutely new Windows Phone to, to smarten up and reconsider the smart phone and to invent a device that would integrate many favorite Microsoft products such as Office, Windows Live, Bing, Xbox in one gadget.