What’s Your Future Web-Page About?

QArea Team by QArea Team on July 30, 2014

What’s Your Future Web-Page About?
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Before you even start talking about your site you need to do a small task or homework. It sounds easy enough, yet not that simple in reality. So what you should do is give an answer to the following questions:

  • Who would be your site’s top three visitors?
  • What do you want them to be able to do?

These questions are easy, you think? Well, if you want your site to sell pencils – I’ll ask these questions. If you want to sell planes – I’d ask these questions. If you are CEO of eBay, I still will be asking those, expect I will be waiting for a more ‘into it’ answer.

Most of you may say that they just want your page to be findable in Google when people are looking for your goods. OK, they found your page, now what? What do you want them to do now? It’s your page, you are the host, and you know what you want your guests to do or not to do.


Any step you want your user to make may be called a conversion. Even if you are not selling. At all. Any site has conversions like subscribing to a post, leaving a comment, reading news. Those are all conversions. And you know all of that is worth something even for sites that are not commercial.

What to combine to get the ultimate web page?

Every single type of site, regardless of the owner’s motivation has actions required for users to proceed with. They may not be valued in US dollars, yet they have a price. There are even conversion rates which are constantly compared to visitor rates. People would not do useless work for no reason, right?

So here are some examples for better understanding of the matter:

  • Retail sites. These fellows obviously want to sell. Yet sales and profits are not the only things to measure. You would want to pay attention to loyalty programs attendance and creation of accounts, etc. These are also conversions in need of measurement.
  • Advertisingdriven sites. They are the newspapers type of sites. The ones lurking for clicks on their posts.
  • Educational / research sites. These fellows want users to download, download, and download. Tutorials, manuals, books etc. Or e-mail requests are in top of their priorities. Search results or answers mailed to scholars, etc.
  • Sites with a narrow circle of interests AKA brand aware. Sites dedicated to knowledge and support of a single product like a Chanel perfume. These offer users to share their URL with friends, or spread commercial stuff like coupons.

This is, for certain, not a full list of sites existing, yet they may give you an example for you to focus on what you want and how to achieve it.

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