When Agile Fails You…

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 24, 2014

When Agile Fails You…

When Agile was first introduced to software industry all seemed just crazy enough to work. And the approach has been delivering expected value so it gained popularity by the minute and went viral. After some time when all the fuss and excitement has passed people began noticing many flaws and there were many projects noticed failing due Agile issues. But is it the fault of the methodology? It was wrong from the beginning it would never have become that popular, right?

Mostly project fail due people are treating Agile principals in the wrong way or even corrupting them. There may be 3 major issues considered here which you are to avoid at any cost. Issues as:

  1. Agile teaches us that delivery has to be early as well as continuous yet this never means that delivery may go over quality! What happens wrong on this step is simply foul timing as developers are rushing to show clients some new results and putting that particular task as their number one priority while enormous defect backlogs are being gathered and nobody is doing anything to resolve those issues. That is a truly awful practice.
  2. Surely many projects have already been dealing with large defect logs. The terrible thing foul Agile is bringing into this subject is that such logs are simply ignored. Which, on the other hand, is leading to development of zero value. Looking at an enormous amount of defects after a really hard day coding is eventually destroying your developer’s enthusiasm and is bringing many other motivation issues to the entire team besides actually harming the product under development.
  3. And there is also lack of planning in agile environments due, as mentioned above, development is placed on the first place without the second and the third possible winners. Surely responding to changes over following a proper plan is amongst agile’s main principals but this does not mean there should not be any plan whatsoever. There is a huge difference between big changes and small changes you are to realize before even beginning a project.

This noted Agile is actually a great mean for many developers as well as they consider using their head over somebody’s manifesto that is not too specific.

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