Who will win the competition: Android, BlackBerry or someone else?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on November 11, 2011

Who will win the competition: Android, BlackBerry or someone else?
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market-researchGoogle’s Android mobile OS will make benefits in the business market in the forthcoming years, endangering the superiority of Blackberry gadgets, in accordance with research.

Analytic firm Ovum carried a research, which showed that 26% of total devices will be run on Android by winter 2016, compared with only 27% enterprise gadgets being Blackberry based smartphones. Today Blackberry introduces 40% of all corporative smartphone provision.

iPhone by Apple are also conjectured to make an increase in shipments for corporation use by 11%, from 4.9 million held in 2011 up to 9.3 million expected in 2016.

Blackberry will conserve its universal predominance over the forecast period as its powerful device management and safety opportunities make it a nursling of IT departments,” Pauline Trotter, the principal analyst of Ovum, said. “Android and Apple devices any way will gether considerable gains, repelling tendencies in the consumer smartphone market.

Continuous advancing in handle ability of these soft platforms and support for bigger amount of business software will start making these devices more eye-catching to enterprise consumer,” Pauline Trotter added.

Google’s Android platform is thought to be the best-selling for malignant mobile applications, coming up other platforms and even “generic” Java malformation, as mentioned Kaspersky Lab, the security firm.

Blackberry development services jam in October, detected by RIM (Research in Motion), could be occasion for IT sections to start taking into account other platforms, despite the safety menaces trooping round the Android platform.

General purchasing of enterprise smartphones is forecasted to expand to 54 million by spring 2016 from 29 million at the end of 2011.

Purchasing of Android for Business is forecasted to achieve 4.7 million by December 2011 while Blackberry business provision by the end of the year is expected to attain 10.9 million.