Why All Your Teams Should Be Integrated With SEO?

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 25, 2015

Why All Your Teams Should Be Integrated With SEO?
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SEO is a set of tools, techniques and practices that constantly evolve and the discipline itself becomes more and more sophisticated. SEO is no longer a tiny discipline few lucky ones are aware of, no. Search Engine Optimization is now a solid, recognized, strategically vital field of online marketing.

But is SEO something only marketers and SEO engineers should be dealing with? Certainly not, in the world of internet we live in today vital SEO principles should be integrated into all of your teams that have any connection to your websites, whether those are teams directly responsible for content creation or backend development: does not matter, everybody requires a fair share.


SEO is not something you gain in the end, when all is ready. Your entire website strategy has to be centered on both site visitors and search engines from the very first steps of development. Many things are easier if done right from the very beginning.

First of all, no SEO technique delivers rapid results. So the sooner you start the sooner you will become highly ranked and famous among your target audience. Secondly there are numerous features that may be implemented to your site that will improve rankings and conversions. But your developers can’t implement them if they are not aware of SEO basics, as well as they should know what you want from your website exactly, when visitors and search engines are concerned.

And then there is mobile!

Creation of a mobile-friendly website is a necessity today. Rules have changed by now and just a website is not even close to enough if mobile search is considered. If your site is not mobile-friendly it will not get near decent search result deliveries. IF you think it’s not too much of a deal try to remind yourself that 60% of time spent in the internet comes from mobile devices. Do you really wish to miss out on entire 60% of potential site visitors?

Then there is content!

Majority of B2Bs and B2Cs use blog posts and other content in their online marketing campaigns. Content is one of the primary tools in achieving decent results and acquiring primary goals. So why not gain from that even furthermore? Most top players have already realized technical SEO has to work together with content marketing, yet fewer businesses truly understand how this may be achieved. The only clear path here would be establishing a clear and understandable workflow, where efforts are combined. So try the following:

  • Create content of value to your audience
  • Distribute such content effectively to gain rapid results
  • Determine best content pieces and maximize their value as much as possible

Surprisingly, this way you will gain remarkable results from the beginning of the working process and you will save and multiply them to the end. That was not so hard, was it?

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