What are push notifications and why are they important?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on May 13, 2015

What are push notifications and why are they important?
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Advantages of Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages generated from a smartphone app that give users the most relevant information at a glance. These messages appear in the notifications bar at the top of the screen, and cannot be dismissed until the message is viewed, giving push notifications higher priority than standard communications methods such as email and SMS alerts.

Push notifications offer a number of benefits to both app developers and those who use the apps, making them a powerful feature for a variety of apps.

Higher Engagement

Engagement levels are the lifeblood of an app, with user interest making the app and the product or service more valuable. Push notifications bring the user into constant contact with the developer of an app, delivering exclusive information instantly and in a highly visible fashion. This greatly increases the chances that a user will regularly interact with the app, and also encourages them to use it more extensively when they do.

More Visibility

Push notifications can display a custom app logo along with the message to identify the app that generated it, and so they have a much higher profile than SMS and email. Developers concerned with the number of messages that a push notification system can generate can also include the option to turn them off within the app.

Increased App Value

With the number of apps of popular markets such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store, competition for downloads is fierce. Space on smartphones is at a premium, particularly with apps that do not deliver essential information such as weather, traffic, or public safety reports. For this reason, app developers serve themselves best by providing their users value as well as content.

Common methods of adding value to apps through push notifications include giving subscribers advance notice of special promotions, or even offering a discount just for signing up for push notifications. Adding value to an app with push notifications not only gives users more reason to keep the app themselves, but gives them added incentive to recommend it to others as well.

Push notifications give users the opportunity to receive the information they find most relevant as it develops, making the source app a more indispensable part of their smartphones. Any app developer who would benefit from the ability to interact with their users at a moment’s notice should consider adding push notifications to their apps.

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