Why Develop An app For Your Travel Business?

Business Relationship Manager by Business Relationship Manager on April 21, 2015

Why Develop An app For Your Travel Business?
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Customers and potential application users are everywhere. And, to say more, most of them are constantly traveling hence are in need of hotels, restaurants, diners, packing and ticket booking services. And thy can easily do most of these things from a smartphone so if you are in the travel industry and your business does not have an app you are probably missing a hell lot of customers.

We at QArea are dealing with various different projects. Travel application development is gaining speed and the curious fact is that a few years ago only large enterprises like world-known hotel chains or international airlines were investing in application development. However the market is different today and thousands of small local businesses are investing in travel apps and there is an overwhelming amount of startups with really great solutions for travelers. The entire industry is changing and shifting alongside rising mobility. Why shouldn’t you?

What may my business gain from a travel app?

There are several strong sides a travel app offers you as well as your business: lead generation, brand awareness and overall marketing are becoming significantly better tools for receiving revenue. Here are several great examples of improved business values to just name a few.

  • You are up-to-date! Customers simply expect mobile applications from businesses and by now are taking them for granted. Apps are as natural as Facebook and Twitter accounts now. Remember yourself a few years ago you have had this same dilemma about whether to invest in social media marketing or not. Well, how’d that one turn out?
  • We are living in the age when even a MacBook is considered heavy and useless in a trip where all may be easily and conveniently done with a smartphone or tablet. People require lightness while on the move and mobile devices are allowing them with achieving such goals without literally breaking a sweat. And if your app is accessible and delivering value without internet connection you are the king and are probably already laughing at broke competitors by now.
  • If you have an app you will be displayed at a store where everybody goes every single day – the App Store (or Google Play). Thousands of people are searching for solutions there and your brand will be noticed more often which, in turn, generates you with more leads on a daily basis.
  • An app gives you even more advertising for free. Various blogs and journals require to gain new audience hence are providing travelers with constant new reviews and lists of best places and you do require to have a mobile app to become one of the greatest travel industry businesses.


How to gain from an app?

Developing a great app is an investment however the revenue tops all expanses if the app is indeed a great one. Those can’t just be words and a shiny cover will not be doing the trick in the travel industry. You have to resolve some certain issue majority of travelers are facing. Focus on one thing aside usual bonuses and deals your business is offering. ‘Packing Pro’ for example gives a great answer to the question: “what should I pack?”. And ‘Wi-Fi finder’ shows travelers to the nearest destination like a diner or a coffee shop with Wi-Fi access. And just such apps are doing great in the field, that is where your idea should be headed towards.