Why do enterprises go Golang?

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 27, 2017

Why do enterprises go Golang?
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Usage of Go for enterprise development becomes a trend. Pioneer Golang developers with 4+ experience have shared their view on its popularity among enterprises and the reasons why big business should go Golang.

Netflix has achieved a scalability of 81 million users. Uber provides world map processing in 0,1 sec. Adobe has developed a powerful cost-effective cloud storage for graphic projects. And all this became possible with Golang.

Scalability – follow the example of Netflix and make your project ready-to-soar with Golang features

Business growth is the primary goal of every company. That is why many ventures with the strong potential of rapid progress start implementing Golang.

Usage of Go for enterprise development becomes a trend. For example, Netflix uses Go exactly for this purpose. Another reason is the efficient data processing on servers and optimized server loading. Golang enables non-disruptive background loading. While single background refreshing might stuck the process or take long time period for the task, Golang stores and refreshes data from multiple sources and does it in the background mode.

Reduce Server loading – save the appreciated dollars just like Adobe did

Cloud services might seem extremely expensive even for huge corporations. Golang for enterprises is a cost-effective solution since it significantly increases data processing. It has x8 faster raw performance than Node.js with its interpreted and dynamic-typed nature.

Netflix stores thousands of data items about each user to provide relevant content.

Adobe needs to process graphic data in real time, applying point-in-polygon algorithms and other multilevel calculations. Golang is a perfect solution here since it is capable of processing of hundreds of thousands of concurrent requests. This provides an unprecedentedly high level of control over memory allocation.

Golang reduces latency in the most recent versions of the garbage collector, with average latencies below 1ms. This fits perfectly for solving tasks of data processing for enterprises like Netflix and Adobe.

Uber has also started Golang recently. It has solved the problem of handling hundreds of thousands of concurrent requests to the world map and giving immediate (less than 100 milliseconds) response to the query.

Microservices in Go – be flexible and prepared for anything, like Uber

Microservice architecture makes today’s projects as flexible as never before. Microservices in Golang allow handling numerous tasks simultaneously and increase the performance of project management. The elements of the code in the ecosystem become interchangeable. Thus, you can assign separate parts of the project to different teams and keep on managing it as one complex system. There is no need of rewriting big parts of the code in case if something changes. You can easily replace the developers and even entire teams without making chaos and spendings weeks on the documentation updates. Uber applies Golang with mapping go-kit microservices. We at QArea also have rich experience in Go programming with 25+ already completed projects.

QArea’s expertise with Golang

We have discovered numerous advantages of Golang apps long before it happened to be a trend. One of our Golang projects, DueFocus, demonstrates how useful is Golang for startups. TimeGuard provides clients with detailed and visualized information about the team’s performance, saves up to 20% of time for project management and increases the speed of coding on 9% predicting possible mistakes.

To customize all the processes and meet server loading requirements, we chose to apply Golang as the most cost-efficient solution.

QArea has also developed several e-commerce Golang projects and applied to Go in science. The most notable of them conduct complicated calculations of material properties for optical lens laboratory. One calculation might last up to one week. Golang reduced the CPU and server loading due to the concurrent queries processing and pproficient memory management.

We at QArea have a team of 25+ skilled Golang software engineers passionate about Golang web development and helping businesses become more scalable and productive. Whether we speak about Golang web app or Golang android app, our Golang developers are capable to find competitive prices and uplift the corporate power with the cutting-edge technology of Go.

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