Why Do I Need A Website For My App?

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 4, 2014

Why Do I Need A Website For My App?
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The modern world of software is enormous. And the catch is that people are constantly using all kinds of information like applications, sites, databases, etc. Only one of those sources due to born limitations simply can not satisfy all the humanity’s need for information. The things mentioned above differ in interfaces and are absolutely not the same.

Changes in the Internet

The web which can be considered a stable evolving platform if compared to other fields of IT. And even this field has faced several major shifts over the past few years. The recent emerge of social networks is but one of those world-changing shifts. Just imagine the change to the regular data flow and content delivery they’ve caused. The same can be said about recent evolution of mobile and tablet technologies. Nowadays people are constantly online and surfing for websites while on the go. Thus an entire new industry of mobile apps has entered the field.

The transformation

Mobile apps are a swell combination of both standard usability of desktop applications and the narrowness and changeability of internet content. Applications are beginning to replace other web services due to the fact they are easier to use, more functional and better designed. The current flow of things definitely needs to be encouraged, yet websites are a necessity as for now. The process is slow and the business is going on right now, at this very moment.

So where does the necessity in the website come from?

In this particular article we won’t be mentioning all the limitless commercial and marketing possibilities. Lets for now focus on the potential. The reasons why apps are getting more and more popular are splendid new OS, a large amount of narrowly specialized functionality, and the ‘hidden guts’ of the development work desktop applications are full of.

And now lets think a bit into the future. The OS are now new and shiny, yet soon they will be as ‘over-apped’, bugged and glitch as good old XP or Vista.

The ‘hidden guts’ will no longer be a plus, users are getting more and more tech-oriented and soon they’ll demand more functional.

The functionality of the app will shortly be transferred and even topped with internet services and resources. As can be seen from the current flow of events websites are now becoming more and more app alike, and they actually have quite more potential in that field. Thus it is potentially possible that sites will dominate and replace apps once and for all.

Still interested on why is a website necessary?