Why is it better to use HTML5 than Flash?

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 7, 2013

Why is it better to use HTML5 than Flash?
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The debates what to use Flash or HTML5 started long ago and are still going on. But till now it has not been decided which one has obvious advantage over another. While designing a website it is important to know the areas in which the latest fifth version of HTML drops behind Flash.

The clear benefit of HTML 5 in comparison with Flash is the usability, functionality and versatility of its Web design.

Below you will find five reasons why it’s better to use HTML5 than Flash:

1. Video element in HTML5 is native

It is not necessary to install Flesh Player as well as additional media players due to convenient HTML5’s <audio> and <video> tags which allow correct playing media. Using the video element of HTML5 one can view any type of video with no need to install plugins.

2. Prevalence in Multiple Platforms

Almost every mobile and desktop browser supports HTML5. Flash is not supported by devices with iOS so it can hardly be called reliable.

3. The Interactive Canvas Element

There is a <canvas> tag in HTML5 which lets users to be in interaction with the website content. The tag is based on text and search engines can read it. In comparison with the animated and interactive possibilities offered by this tag Flash seems to be obsolete.

4. Powerful and fast

To advantages of HTML5 over Flash one can add that it is more powerful, better-supported and faster. More and more users choose HTML5 today because it can run in the browser without installing an extra plugin. Besides Flash is not the best choice for large and loaded websites.

5. Expenses on Coding

The cost of Flash development is rather high as well as its tools are quite expensive, the reason is that Adobe does not provide any free tool for its development. In turn HTML5 is free.

So it is easy to create an accessible website using HTML5 having a cool local storage feature, allowing you writing descriptive and clear code and helping to incorporate web graphics, animation, fonts, audio and video into your web pages with little effort.

HTML 5 constantly widens its market reach and is making a stable progress giving overall support to browser. HTML5 is about to turn the Web in its head and conquer the world.

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