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November 5, 2014

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November 6, 2014

Why Should Any Startup Consider Outsourcing Development?

November 5, 2014

Aren’t they total strangers? Will allowing them in do good for business?

If you have been asking such questions yourself lately you are probably a startup owned that is considering outsourcing some of the development work to some other company. Sure there are many trust and control issues when it comes to outsourcing but, perhaps, the game is worth the effort? The catch is that many things may occur and different situations may take place while you are in your startup management. The atmosphere there is never stable as things never go according to plan. At least outsourcing some work may ease the headache. And it has several more plusses as well:

  • It’s cheaper. Cost issues are often of the main reasons why startups are choosing outsourcing services. But outsourcing is so much more than a simple money saving solution. It’s more about the balance within the amount of money you are paying per development and the quality you are receiving. Just imagine spending 30% or even 50% less on development while receiving solutions of the same quality.
  • It has developers. And the ones with years of experience, by the way. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find a free decent developer nowadays that has appropriate skills, is a team player and is by all means just the man you are looking for? And even if such a guy is found how much money did he ask you to pay him? Whoa, that much? While outsourcing companies are already there for you with well equipped teams of developers. You will be provided with skilled experts that have already been into multiple projects and are there to sell you their experience. Those teams will already have appropriate tools and set-up environments they are already used to. Isn’t that lovely?
  • It’s fast and flexible. Startups are all about speed. And if something is moving as fast it needs to have flexibility otherwise a proper turn may be skipped. Outsourcing companies are offering flexible services that you may need at a certain period of time. You may get a dedicated team that is doing your project only if you are into that. Or you may be paying your money per amount of hours spent on your project. It’s only up to you to decide.

And that all that is simply making a long story short about all the possible benefits you may gain. Sure there will be pitfalls and underwater stones, but what process may boas about complete elimination of those?

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