Why the Next 10 Years of Drupal Will Smash the Last 10

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 8, 2014

Why the Next 10 Years of Drupal Will Smash the Last 10
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They grow so fast…

2001 seems so close and yet so far. Just imagine the way Drupal came through before becoming what it currently is. This CMS has actually matured over the past years, considering people became treating it seriously somewhere around 2007 it was quite a skyrocketing experience. Businesses, governments, education, etc. All those areas are trusting Drupal with their sites as for now.

Let’s look at some data from February 2014. 30.000+ community-contributed modules are available. That is a Hell of potential that may be added to the original core possibilities. The community itself consists of more than a million members.  And more than 31K developers. That is impressive as for something becoming popular in the late 2007-2008, right? Imagine what Drupal will become in 10 years!

Why CMS?

Drupal is a CMS. And all of them, by default, are becoming bigger as they allow rapid and easy management of content. And content will be crucial for the modern website to succeed. What CMS’s were doing earlier was management and systematizing. The true power of content is yet to be explored as it is becoming more and more important as users are becoming more sophisticated in the web.

What about various CMS systems in general. How are they doing as for now? There is about 160+ of different CMS platform available in the net. Some are free, some are not. They are here because the dynamics are showing people are becoming lazier by the day with all the new tech potential available. Drag-&-Drop is and will be more popular. Lots of tools and CMS’s are not requiring coding skills (which is nice as such a site will be of no competition to a professionally crafted masterpiece) whatsoever. Thus users are appreciating them more as they are able of self-expressing without extra skills required. This may show that all the CMS’s have lots of potential and will all be growing as the sun is shining and the ponies are hopping around? Well, no!

More data on that matter. With the 160 + of them existing only 40 or so are growing. Here’s how it will be a bit easier to understand:

  • 24% of all the CMS are growing (and that number is decreasing)
  • 28% are still on their positions
  • 48% are losing ground

There are three leaders in the segment: Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. They are doing great and are full of potential for shifting the world of web and transforming it in to something even more great. The rest? Well… They are doing OK or worse, as for now. You possess the knowledge and the data, thus it’s up to you to make the right conclusions.

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