Why You Need Automated Product Recommendations on Your Online Shop

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 30, 2014

Why You Need Automated Product Recommendations on Your Online Shop
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Such big retailers as Amazon.com or Netflix already reap great profits from product recommendations like ‘Customers who chose this, also bought…’ Recommendations help customers find the products they’re searching and create better shopping experience leading to the sales boost.

Personalized recommendations quickly convert browsers into buyers, build up average order values, reduce cart abandonment and promote your business. Now recommendations are more a must than just a good option. They’ve become an integral part for any online marketing campaign and are expected by customers.

Can I Do Without It?

If you already enter your product recommendations manually via the admin panel, or set business rules including pull the recommended product from the category of a viewed product, you might be probably thinking you’ve already got the recommendations we are talking about. Perhaps you think your merchandising and sales expertise is more effective than an automated system can be. However, with intelligent automated recommendations you can forget your great maintenance efforts and get up to 30% sales increase. So, if you haven’t implemented personalized product recommendations yet, you should definitely start now.

How Does It Work?

An automated recommendations system provides more robust recommendations via leveraging existing, new sales data as well as product catalog information. These recommendations can be shown anywhere on the site – from product detail pages, shopping cart, landing pages to email. Your online store can display Different types of product recommendations, all taking into consideration customer product preferences and site engagement history.

It’s easier to deliver such a personalized experience using a special plugin for such purpose. The plugin lets you avoid the necessity for coding or changing the page templates and takes under an hour of integration.

Here are some things to consider before adding recommendations on your site:

  • Speed and ease of integration with an ecommerce platform you’re using.
  • Your system’s start-up time, or the time it needs to undergo a learning period before getting ready for launching recommendations.
  • One-to-one personalization which is the ability to bring recommendations for every customer. Some vendors sell market segmentation services as personalization. However, such segmentation solutions only categorize shoppers in several segments while being not as effective as real personalized recommendation systems. They take a longer setup time as well.
  • Ability to create recommendations effectively even for products which have limited sales volume and history.
  • Try a plugin first, buy after.
  • You need transparent pricing and no long term commitments, hefty integration charges or set-up fees which can significantly multiply the total ownership cost.

Mind these issues and apply automated personalized recommendations to your online store to benefit yourself and your customers’ experience.

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