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July 31, 2018
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ERP software is a buzzword amongst business practitioners and corporate managers these days – it is definitely the most effective platform that can transform your business fortunes instantly! ERP systems are comprehensive in nature and handle a myriad range of operations such as customer relationship management, supple chain issues, inventory, billing and payroll functions.

The market today is flooded with a number of innovation and diverse ERP solutions. It is necessary for organizations to research carefully and choose a sophisticated ERP system that suits their specific organizational requirements. Most ERP software platforms are also highly customizable – meaning you can actually select the modules that you need and even ensure that the software fits within your organizational budget.

One common element that comes in the way of ERP software buy-in from senior managers is a widespread perception of security risk that is associated with it – many executives feel that their data may be leaked or get into wrong hands. There is also the added notion that ERP systems are high on maintenance and require frequent upgrades that often proves to be tedious in the long run. Well, this is actually far from the truth. ERP software systems are highly safe, and maintain tight security measures to protect important company information and records.

It is essential, however, to be aware as a responsible user of certain inherent risks that can harm your ERP system and take adequate measures to combat them. Implementing a strict regime of consistent system upgrades is a great way to keep your ERP solution secure from unnecessary threats. Here are some important insights from ERP experts about security hazards that all ERP users should be aware about and some hacks that can help you tackle them:

  • Outdated Software Can Lead to Data Crashes and Loss – One major risk that companies often seem to ignore is to run old, outdated and non-functional ERP software within their organization. This could lead to major compatibility issues as the older versions of ERP software may not integrate smoothly with other products. Your servers and browsers may be severely affected and may even crash – thereby leading to the loss of crucial information. So make sure to get regular system upgrades or switch to a new ERP platform altogether, as it is the key to ensuring data safety and security in a structured manner.
  • Lack of Personnel Training – ERP software solutions are generally very user-friendly and can be adopted by even non-technical workers within a short span of time. However, it is very important to provide a detailed introduction to the system, explain its features, basic functionality, and demonstrate its working to the concerned employee audience. A lack of training can propagate incorrect usage and maintenance of your ERP system, thereby exposing your databases to external environmental threats. So make sure to hold short training capsules for your staff members that will facilitate the streamlined adoption of ERP systems in your organization – it will surely go a long way in enhancing user productivity and final output!
  • Lack of Compliance – One key area of security concern is compliance and it is critical for organizations to follow proper regulatory controls for their ERP systems. There are various backend requirements such as installing strong firewalls, setting access passwords and implementing user controls – these need to be followed with utmost precision to ensure that precious company data is absolutely secure and not utilized by unauthorized personnel. It is necessary to follow complete protocol about creating data backup also, so that if there is any unexpected loss of information it can be easily retrieved. Keeping track and following compliance or regulatory instructions is the best way to keep your data safe and secure, thereby increasing your bottom line results and performance parameters!
  • Poor Vendor Support and Maintenance – While choosing a software provider, it is vital to make sure that they offer regular after-sales service, support and maintenance. Your software vendor can help you keep track of your ERP solution’s validity, and can install regular product upgrades for your system. Regular and time maintenance sessions can help to tackle any upcoming problem, and security hazards can smoothly be averted. This will also save your company tons of money as there will be no need to call external consultants, since full support will be given by your reliable software vendor. So keep your ERP software on the right path through regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure its longevity and operational efficiency!
  • No Integration Capabilities – Seamless integration of all business applications and systems is crucial for effective workflow management in any organization. Your ERP system should be upgraded at regular intervals to augment uninterrupted integration with other organizational platforms such as CRM system, payroll software and others, to prevent time lapses and delays. Relying on an ERP vehicle that is not compatible with other business platforms will lead to serious inefficiencies, errors and administrative work. So make way for a smooth transition by keeping your ERP solution upgraded and have no integration troubles ever!

Modern companies spend tons of money getting advanced and revolutionary ERP software suites that help them gain a rapid competitive advantage in the dynamic business arena. Make sure to keep your ERP solution safe by knowing about critical security threats and important system upgrades – it will prove to be a long-term investment and reap your organization some great benefits!

Author Bio:

Hitendra Singh Rathore is the Digital Marketing Executive and software analyst at SoftwareSuggest and loves helping people plan, optimize and launch marketing strategies. He has spent the majority of his career in SaaS industry gaining experiences in areas such as Accounting Software, Asset Management Software and Pharmaceutical software analysis. While Digital Marketing is his primary job function by day, Hitendra also enjoys spending time with his family and listening music.