Why’s It Important To Make Your App Users Favorite?

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 15, 2014

Why’s It Important To Make Your App Users Favorite?
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Some Statistics

More with the marketing researches that seem to prove only one thing. A developer’s life is getting harder by the day. The latest reviews are showing that people simply wish not download any new apps. What does that mean and are things as bad as it seems?

Not necessarily. It only means that the goal of a developer is to make his app as user friendly as it gets. There’s a need for the app to be amongst the user’s favorite ones to be commercially successful. The research is showing that Americans are sticking to the apps they already have installed. About two-thirds of US smartphone owners do not download any app within several month. Smartphone users make the half of all app downloaders anytime, anywhere. And yet that half is downloaded by the mere 7% of smartphone owners on a monthly-basis. The statistics remain the same for practically any month you are interested in.

The Americans prove to be more conservative than they seem

Or, at least, with apps they are more conservative. Let’s look on some more numbers. Nearly a half of all smartphone owners are using their installed apps on a daily basis. But why are they not downloading new ones? Because they are quite happy with what they have. The 42% of the entire time spent using apps is of crucial commercial value. And Americans are spending all that time within but 1 of their most favorite ones. 3 out of 4 minutes are spent within 4 of their applications. Than encourages developers to act.

What may be done?

Lots of user time is spent in social networks like Facebook or Google+. That is one of the best advertising places for apps to get viral. You do want a popular app, a really popular app if you wish to encourage users to mass-download it.

The app has to be user-friendly and likable. Research your target audience. Once you’ve done – do it again. Keep the app as bug-free as possible. Do not neglect mobile app testing in all of its possible forms. Also you may use some inside-app advertising of your other products. Yet there has to be strict line here. Too much advertising may be really irritating for users. And an irritating app will not be amongst the favorites.