Why’s the Instagram App of True Value to Your Business?

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 25, 2015

Why’s the Instagram App of True Value to Your Business?

Instagram and whether I may actually need it in my marketing campaign

Instagram’s huge. 300 + million users are already there as recently announced (that’s even more than Twitter can offer). Surely some of them will require your services one might think. But the case is not at all that easy. What really matters is who’s spending time in Instagram.

After various studies we may clearly say that Instagram community consists of young men and woman that are around 18 and 34 years old. To be even more specific majority of Instagram users are young urban girls which is making all the possible business advantages  of your company shady if you are not selling perfume or clothes.

However, do you remember how Facebook (the owner of Instagram by the way) was evolving? It was originally a network for college students that required collaboration and today even my grandma’s on Facebook liking the pictures I post.

This means that a social phenomenon like Instagram will, over time, become a place where everybody’s spending their life at. Or so the odds are. Thus I am recommending everybody to reconsider their strict position against usage of Instagram in business due the resources immaturity and lack of target audience. The faster you start, the bigger share you will have in the end, when everybody’s looking for a piece.

Not mentioning that advertising is a key income source for Instagram, it’s just that people out there have a really nice long-term strategy of gaining the best of ad money.

Enjoyable ads?

As mentioned above Instagram is the next big step in advertising (probably) with a carefully crafted long-term business strategy based on ads. But what do we have now? First thing worth noticing is that advertising on Instagram is quite expensive. Secondly it’s not available to just anybody. There are several brands that were carefully selected y Instagram people over the past year that possess the power of sponsoring ads. Hand-picked large companies with loud brand names. Most, if not all of them were chosen due they were already posting high-quality content. By the way, ads are showing in a feed without, well, asking users so you not following Barberry does not make you safe from their ads. Though such ads are appropriately labeled and users may hide them with ease (that, by the way, is tracked back to Instagram).

Technically the true goal of Instagram lies in making advertising look as natural as if ads were there from the start. People at Instagram are making ads that are not irritating or disappointing. One more point to considering Instagram as a crucial part of your new marketing strategy in the future. And they are doing a great job. I have an Instagram account by the way and I’m enjoying several ads and so are many people I know.

This is mostly working hence Instagram actively uses Facebook’s data to determine and serve ads to people who may actually be interested in them meaning if you are a businessman in your forties you won’t get spammed with ads of teen-oriented make up. However your interests and hobbies may and will be used against you.

By the way such a method of advertising will not get you astonishing direct conversion results. Instagram ads are targeted on branding more. A nice chance to share company values and ideas and get more trust, respect and loyalty from customers.

All comes with a price!

The CPM model used in Instagram tends to be quite expensive. So many small business owners may ask themselves a question at this point: if Instagram is allowing ads to well-known companies with an international brand and advertising costs are as high as a mountain why am I still reading this? Because things may (and most likely will) change. Ad space will be available to a far wider range of less known companies. Those are rumors as for now, but rumors I, as a man related to business would like to keep track of.

Marketing on Instagram

Although Instagram may present long-term marketing value with more advanced features in the future nobody can forbid you to use the app right now and with profit to your cared brand. You can easily enlarge and engage your favorite audience with appropriate content, taglines and hashtags. You may be surprised but a lot of small and medium-sized businesses are already present on Instagram. I know a lot of examples and so do you, just try to remember. But using Instagram to its full potential may be challenging even for leading marketing experts. Here are several tips that may and will assist your business and brand name.

  • Instagram is not the only horse in the stable. Pinterest and Twitter are also nice, especially if you can hit three birds with one stone: a hashtag! Your entire community is easily built around a shared idea, belief, HASHTAG! If you are creative enough you tag may go viral granting you actual millions of followers interested in what you have to offer. That is surely the rare best-case scenario, though a carefully planned hashtag campaign will be of value to any business.
  • Community requires to be encouraged to spread the news about you. Empathize active users, make several giveaways, etc. this way you will never run out of audience.
  • A good cause is always a great lever of marketing campaigns. If your team is supporting somebody in trouble or doing the world a little better in general you will earn respect, faith and support of many followers.
  • Try walking in your target audience’s shoes without leaving your Brand concept. Relate to people, display you understand them. Your researches are showing 87% of them love a glass of draft beer on a Friday night – use it. But Use it wisely as you are not a beer producer and you still have a Brand name to take care of.

Technically every single bullet listed above is an idea for an entire marketing and Branding strategy you may update to your needs after some research and planning. But a wise combination will be edge-cutting, trust me. Add a tiny bit of SEO services and you are solid in the saddle.

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