Have They Finally Done It Right? Here’s out Windows 10 Test-Drive Analysis

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 6, 2015

Have They Finally Done It Right? Here’s out Windows 10 Test-Drive Analysis
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Oh, my! Windows 10 is here and internet is overfilled with posts containing hopes, dreams, desires and tears of both joy and despair. Some say Win 10 is revolutionary, others call it another “piece of crap”. So who’s right and who’s not and could it be developers from Microsoft really gained their mojo back?

A job well done!

Windows 10 screenshot
Microsoft blooms right now with a series of devastating successes stating they are a compatible player and should be treated with respect. Just think about it, they’ve shown Hololens, Surface 2 and Windows 10 so far striking a line of jaw-dropping successes. Considering all their devices from smart headsets to PCs, smartphones, game consoles and other gadgets will be connected together in one high-performance network powered by the Windows 10 OS I’d call it a bold step towards ultimate Internet of Things.

However, all mentioned above is a theory, while Win 10 is already reality even you can play around with. Here is what we have found while exploring Microsoft’s new child.

  1. Sharp looks. Ok, now it’s official. Win 10 looks amazing. Microsoft’s new OS is tailored with respect to all latest trends and standards. It’s clean, minimalistic and simple. And the best part is it’s not Win 8 simple. It’s a one-of-a-kind, unique design that slightly resembles large, touchscreen tailored icons of its predecessor. Design deserves 5 stars out of 5.
  2. We have the start menu back! We loved the Start menu since Windows 95 and what can you say? Humanity is a gathering of creatures that get overly attached to old habits. We love the Start menu and each of you wanted it back, right? And people at Microsoft listened to our prayers. We have it back and you know what? The new menu is better than ever. It looks great and has better functionality and app/widget display.Windows 10 screenshot
  3. Also all the apps that are placed in the Start menu can be easily searched by simply entering their name via keyboard inputs. You don’t have to type it all in, first letter should be enough to give you a short, manageable list of apps that begin with it. New Start menu is literally something from “back to the future” as it combines well known main Win7 style on its right and newer larger, flatter icons with snippets of content on them to the left. Start menu background color adjusts to your wallpaper’s prime color. A nice additional feature that adds sheik and shine to Win 10.
  4. Charms Bar. This formally useless piece of functionality is now gone from Win 10 desktop version and can be found on touchscreen devices. And that’s a perfect decision.
  5. PC desktop was improved with additional functionality. Windows 10 brought desktop into the game once more and it’s now bigger and better than ever. Several great improvements in UI were made. Some apps simply demand full screen attention, like, let’s say, Photoshop. It’s just clumsy to use in in a window. Microsoft’s newest innovation in this domain was something OS X and Linux already have – virtual desktops. It is now simple to create custom desktops with appropriate running apps, programs may be closed with ease from one spot regardless the desktop they are working on and former Task Switcher (Alt+Tab), now known as Desktop Switcher does a great job adding new levels of usability.Windows 10 screenshot
  6. However some downfalls have finally made their way into the seemingly flawless Windows 10. And come on, did you seriously expect all will be all sparkles and unicorns? It’s kind of awkward and inconvenient to actually move apps between desktops via right click. And moving desktops themselves seems impossible. Both OS X and Linux already have those aspects covered. What about you MS?
  7. Additions to windows. Windows tabs now have share buttons. This should make collaboration significantly easier. And all will look great even on sharpest of screens like 4K UHD. 8K panels are in progress. And default pixel font regulation functionality based on screen capabilities has been updated and improved as well.
  8. Notification center. Users will now have all notifications from both Windows and third party applications gathered in one place. This was previously seen in Windows Phone 8.1. All looks pretty much the same as in Microsoft’s former mobile OS.
  9. Wi-Fi Sense. This functionality allows to automatically connect to located Wi-Fi hotspots with a breeze. Authentication flows automatically and friends can access your Wi-Fi without a password. This piece of seemingly comfortable innovation has already caused massive attacks of panic to security-obsessed users. People with access to your networks can make lots of bad things happen. Sure, Microsoft claims their Sense is 100% secure but it’s still to be tested.
  10. Cortana. This lovely virtual assistant is capable of many fascinating activities and can bravely rival in functionality with both Siri and Google Now at the same time. Type in whatever you have to ask or talk to her – no matter. In 9 cases out of 10 she will be of assistance. However Cortana gathers a lot of information about you and delivers it to Microsoft, but who cares? They will only use that data to improve existing services. They are not some evil corporation of E-E-EVIL, right?


Windows 10 is a marketing-oriented product. Microsoft finally realized the advantages of this particular approach and has developed something even better than Win 7 and XP combined. 10 has several flaws, yet still is considerably the best OS currently in the market for common (non-technical) use.

Note: Lots and more of your personal data will be harvested by Microsoft experts. You will have to deal with it and hope all materials will be used for either security or device improvement purposes. It’s just how the world we live in works. Great things, even free ones come at a price.

PS: yes, we are aware of Microsoft’s new Browser and we have Edge analysis prepared for a separate post. Stay tuned to find out more.