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Windows 8 Won’t Be Your Idea

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July 11, 2011
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Possibly some of you are still boasting about you felt when Microsoft admitted your ideas for Windows 7. Actually some of you seem to have emerged in the company’s advertising (perhaps, played, by slightly more photogenic humans).

Nevertheless, there is some bad news with regard to Windows 8. It appears as though the company might not care a lot about getting your ideas for this time.

There is at least the impression reached by Chris Carlucci, former IT Manager from Hopedale, Mass. the time he neared Microsoft with his idea for Windows 8. It isn’t definitely known about his suggestion, it is better to say he thought that one little part of the operating system should be made easier and handier for the average human being to work with.

He received in reply the e-mail from a Microsoft Customer Service Representative who is called Alex should make some questions of the nature and communication as they know it.


As Alex began in a promising tone he said that he understands that everyone would like to admit suggestion for the Windows’ next generation. And he would be very glad to help with the information.

Nevertheless, in the very next paragraph things went a little wrong, he informed Chris that while Microsoft really accepts suggestions for running services and products, they do not submit suggestions for new processes, technologies and products.
But another question! What about all the clients who told that Windows 7 was their own idea?

Alex went on as if Windows 7 had never occurred he said that they hope that people will comprehend their intention to evade any potential disputes and misunderstanding which may arise from submission of data not concerned with current Microsoft products. Consequently, they are returning the info without any review.

Accordingly, Carlucci was rather confused. He sent the correspondence. He was still blinking, he contacted Microsoft. He said that while the company does insist that Windows 7, really was developed with the helpful proposals of customers, he was unable to receive a statement from any person at Microsoft concerning this particular correspondence.

Majority will suppose that the point is just in a customer service representative who might not have selected the best plan of action in presenting the customer service of his company.

But e-mail of Alex did manage, probably, to put a final little needle into altruistic bent of Carlucci with the words that Microsoft really appreciates his feedback. And they would like to give a spur to him to keep him on to send them suggestions on the services and products they deploy nowadays.


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