What If WordPress and Joomla Met In the Ring?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on May 16, 2014

What If WordPress and Joomla Met In the Ring?
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WordPress and Joomla are probably the most popular CMSs that are presently available. In our article we’ve tried to critically analyze both according to the number of criteria that matter the most and attempted to name the winner of a 5-round CMS fight.

Let’s see what has come of it.

Round 1. Introduction. Content Structures.

While Joomla web development is a couple years younger than WordРress development services, the latter leads in terms of current statistics. For web newbies, WordPress is better as it provides a smaller learning curve which makes it a bit more UX-friendly. WordPress is also a good choice for starting a content-driven site or blog whereas Joomla is more suitable for building corporate or static sites like intranets of which eBay is a great example.

Round 2. Templates. Themes.

Speaking of custom templates and themes development, there’s no significant difference in the levels of difficulty of either system. However, WordPress themes in general are designed with a certain purpose in mind which is usually with blogging and content curation. At the same time the templates used for Joomla development services are more versatile. Besides, WordPress suggests a more minimalistic design while Joomla allows for versatility and freedom in design.

Round 3. Extensions.

Joomla’s extension structure looks like more intuitive than that of WordPress. However, depending on your website purpose, you may prefer either regardless of the extension structure. Anyway Joomla wins this round without doubts.

Round 4. SEO.

WordPress is definitely better than Joomla regarding SEO. Of course, Joomla isn’t the lost cause for SEO either, but you may experience quite a hassle if you want to get it completely right. What makes WordPress SEO so powerful is its excellent range of available plugins which makes its users’ lives easier. So, WordPress is a winner of this round.

Round 5. Support. Community.

It may seem quite surprising that, compared to its opponent, WordPress lacks much of the valuable community-building initiative. WordPress website is plain, minimalistic and fails to reflect the immense popularity of this CMS. On the other hand, Joomla is really active in fostering its community. Joomla website is very attractive, intuitive, with a range of great on-the-go initiatives and phenomenal support forum.


Well, now as we’ve explored the major capabilities, strong and weak sides of the two perfectly functional content management systems, it’s obvious that defining the ultimate winner is impossible as soon as either Joomla or WordPress are great development solutions that cater for specific needs of web products with different purposes.