Are You A Workaholic?
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Are You A Workaholic?

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August 25, 2014
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Are you one of them?

IT actually encourages workaholics. That is a serious issue and yet is often confused with mere hard work and is even rewarded. That is unacceptable. If your teammate is overworking every day, without caring about his friends, family, health etc. it needs to be stopped. Such an approach to work is nothing but damaging.

Current businesses and startups as well as almost any it outsourcing company tend to match some deadlines that are out of this world. What everybody needs to realize is that 40 hours of work per week is enough. Otherwise all the spent effort may be a waste. The quality of a tired IT expert is not the same as the one he is showing after rest. If the team is tired it is irritated, inattentive and not productive at all.

There is a simple algorithm that shows the way things should be done: accomplished work always equals to both time spent as well as focus intensity. Remove one from this equation and there will be no work done as the result.

How do you become a workaholic?

The main difference between a workaholic and a man that loves his job is the personal insecurity of the workaholic. Insecurity may show itself in many forms:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Perfectionism
  • Authoritarism
  • Severe fear of loss
  • Etc.

You are a workaholic if you are:

  • Working over 40 hours per weak
  • You have a constant desire to prove that you are the best in your team
  • Are you recognizing signs of intense insecurity of yourself at work
  • Your personal and work life are out of balance and work is having the edge

Sure it’s hard to admit stuff like this, but if you are even suspecting anything – do not cover your head in sand. Something needs to be done and who is a better assistant in that than you?


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