Wow? My Dropbox Can really Do Those?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 30, 2014

Wow? My Dropbox Can really Do Those?
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Cloud services are a big deal nowadays. Many people are using Dropbox on a daily basis, but are all those users open to the app’s full potential? Is every single feature used? No, since the best features are the least known, as usually. So what are the best of Dropbox features only few lucky people are using?

  • What does ‘favorite’ mean? When you are tagging an image or a file in your Dropbox app favorite you are gaining several things. It sure is adding the file to your Favorite’s Tab thus making the file easier to access. But the feature is actually going deeper by saving the file on your mobile device making it accessible even when you are offline.
  • Did you know Dropbox may be used as a default folder for your documents? Just imagine the total time you may have saved if Dropbox would have allowed you to save files directly into it’s limitless storage spaces? And you know what? Dropbox does allow you to after several simple manipulations. If you are currently using a Mac you are to open your terminal (from Utilities) and to type in the following line: cd Dropbox. Hitting the Enter key and typing In-s~/documents/documents. Afterwards you are to hit the Enter key once more to make sure the new cool feature’s operating well. And if you are using Windows you are to right-click My Documents. Then go Properties and click After selecting your Dropbox folder you are free of saving your documents directly to Dropbox.
  • Dropbox may even work as a private eye if your device was stolen from you. If you are wishing to capture the thief as a real live batman (or to simply help appropriate authorities, which is way less cool than being batman, but is still the right thing to do) you are to simply log into your DB website account. Afterwards you are to click on your name and choose the security tab located in the drop down menu. Then all that is left is to list of devices and hold your cursor over the appropriate blue symbol. You will see the IP address there. The catch is that Dropbox is synchronizing with a server regularly and if the thief was able of logging into your device he will be caught immediately, batman style.
  • Remote torrents downloads are also available if the device you wish to download a torrent on is activated and on-line connected. To do so you are to simply open your torrent client and to go Preferences from Options. After all you are to clock on Directories and to checkmark on Automatically load .torrent from. Afterwards you are simply to select a cloud storage folder of your liking and voilà, your torrent is downloaded by the time you even got home. That is, indeed, a great set of available services we have up there.

Of course, there are many other features one might not know about yet they are for you to discover as, for me personally, such a process is the best thing any software may offer.