You Don’t Want To Do This To Your SEO!

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 1, 2015

You Don’t Want To Do This To Your SEO!
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As by now you have probably heard of Black Hat SEO. There is no point in explaining how terrible the decision of turning to such techniques may be as everybody who is proficient in SEO matters realizes Black Hat backfires straight at your site’s positions practically annihilating it from search results. Surely there are several dirty tricks that may be of use, and some may even have value, although those are not purely black, they are more like Grey Hat SEO, and still, this is not the point of our discussion.

You may have considered that going dark here and there may be of value and its only your call to make as you will be the one dealing with circumstances. But we humbly warn you of several things you don’t ever want to do, because they will bring damage only. Things Search Engines are proficient at locating and banning, things like:

  • Keyword stuffing and stacking: you can’t simply stuff lots of keywords in lines of gibberish. Any search engine will easily spot such an approach and if you have something like “car engines, car parts, car, buy engine in Kentucky” somewhere on your site you are probably banned by now or your positions are low as never. What you should do is content creation with sentences, which include key words and make sense to readers. Your content always has to be readable and user-oriented. That is the way proficient SEO delivers results.
  • Never use duplicated content: It does not matter if you have or don’t have any permission to mirror or duplicate nay content from any source that already exists in the internet. Search Engines will simply not tolerate that. However unique content, even if it has small chunks of quotes with appropriate backlinks will dramatically improve your ranking and will even be of more interest to people.
  • Don’t spam with links in comments: Such links will be blocked shortly, but you always can write decent comments with fresh ideas and of informational value with a backlink placed there.
  • Linking everywhere: your SERPs will not improve if you just pointlessly link to resources of no relevance to your site or to low quality content. Request backlinks from resources your visitors will be interested in thus ensuring a two-way beneficial cooperation.
  • Cookie stuffing in not a great place to go either: If you secretly stick affiliate cookies on computers you will get nowhere or even worse. Such behavior is unaccepted in today’s internet. However you can easily go for linking to retail websites who have affiliate links thus earning a percentage from sales.

No things get hardcore, with things you should never-ever consider in your SEO

  • Don’t spam (in any form)
  • Do not swap pages (changing the page after it has been ranked and indexed)
  • Don’t cloak (conceal parts of content from search engines)
  • Do not use any hidden text or hidden links of any form
  • Never use keywords unrelated to your industry no matter how viral they are
  • Don’t name your site as a well-known brand but with a slight difference or a common typo (URL Hijacking)

Well, you all have been warned now!

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