You Into Outsourcing Cross Platform Apps? Consider All Following Facts Then!

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 9, 2015

You Into Outsourcing Cross Platform Apps? Consider All Following Facts Then!
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There is literally no point in advocating cross platform development. Many words were already written on this matter. You are already aware of all its bonuses now, that you have considered outsourcing such projects. However, outsourcing does not always come as a ride in the Disneyland and you must be prepared to potential challenges any project out there faces. And when there are challenges, techniques that will help with avoiding them are present as well

Here are several examples of truly great practices you should demand from your outsourcing provider when cross platform products are under development:

  1. Ensure Time to Market is as minimized, as possible. If possible, ensure early users have access to the app. They will do great in terms of testing and both you and the development team will gain clear feedback. Launch the app when it’s in Beta (if this scenario is possible and applicable to your business). Change, upgrade and update the app, based on information actual users have provided you with.
  2. Integrate your solution with third-party services and solutions (if your security parameters allow this). Social media, CMSs, photo and data management apps already exist and have interfaces people are used to, so why re-invent the bicycle? Third party app integration may significantly assist in transforming your cross platform solution into something ultimate and well-tailored to fit numerous needs of users.
  3. Your top priority is performance. Ensure extra attention is delivered to this vital aspect of application development and testing. And now, that we are talking cross platform, performance must be optimized to fit highest industry standards, and, perhaps, surpass them.
  4. Your app has to remain both looks and functionality across platforms. Thus, you will encourage higher levels of adoption and the app would be more user-friendly. If the app serves any business goals or work-related tasks people will simply not have enough time to re-explore the same solution over and over.

Surely there are not all crucial aspects of cross platform development, yet these ones deserve extra attention from both your side and your outsourcing provider’s teams.