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Zend Development: Zend Studio Test-drive

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July 9, 2014
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The new Zend development tool has emerged and despite it still is just a beta everybody who wishes can notice that a lot of work since the previous version was done, lots of goals were achieved and, most importantly, the developers have listened to all the feedback they’ve received from their users.

Let’s begin with going through some of the Studio 11 beta new features:

  • The performance was extremely increased in comparison to the previous versions. The developers have done a pretty good job there.
  • It is now really faster to download. New updates now can be installed with almost lightning-speed due to their smaller package size.
  • Managing PHP dependencies and usage of browsers is now fairly more efficient.
  • Tussle-free access to the app servers settings. Thus it is now easier to monitor debug and deploy.
  • Completed packages can now be deployed with only one click. Pretty faster than you used to, huh?
  • Creating new API’s using the Apigility integration is now as easy as it can be.
  • Lots more fixes and improvements that make development via usage of Zend as simple and pleasant as it has ever been.

But is everything as sparkly and shiny and downloaded with additional rainbows and unicorns? I’d rather not say so. Although it is still a beta, a really good, fair and hardworking beta of the new Zend Studio it is still remaining the good old Zend Studio. Sure it’s improved and all but if you haven’t enjoyed the previous versions for any of your personal reasons you probably won’t like the new version as well. It’s not that it’s bad in any way, the developers have done a truly magnificent job perfecting their solution, used a lot of user feedback as inspiration and it worked. It definitely did work. A new nice Zend Studio 11 beta is now ready for usage, is handling itself well and waiting for you Zend Studio lovers.


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