Business models

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team business model allows you to manage an outsourced development team of professionals as if they were your own in-house unit. If the project you have in mind is constantly getting updated, improved and more innovative and you would prefer to remain a solid grip on all business and development processes, the dedicated software development team is your perfect choice. All you need is a clear, defined product vision and the idea we can work with. QArea experts will do all the rest, whether you position your own managers in charge of all processes or, we can provide you with a talented, experienced PM ourselves.   Read more

Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost or Fixed Price Business Model, also known as the Fixed Budget Model works best for short-term small or medium sized projects. Unlike the Time and Material model, Fixed Cost requires well-designed project specs, scopes and requirements delivered before project development launches. No changes usually take place while the product is under development. Everything flows according to pre-defined requirements. Considering requirements are to be pre-defined, you will be forced to invest time and resources into their complete creation and analysis from the start. Fixed Cost Model does not require deep direct communications or collaboration between clients and service providers. Deadlines are set up and met, considering teams are aware... Read more

Time & Material

So, if you have a really large, complex project in mind with requirements that shift dynamically, the overall scope is yet undefined and you plan on different loads on the development team – Time and Material model is suit just for you. You may not possess any sufficient data when you begin, nor can you precisely estimate amounts of required investments, with this model such issues are irrelevant. You will be provided with required flexibility, the project you have in mind shall be scalable and rapidly adjustable to your needs. You requirements may change with time after you see and feel what was created according to your specs. And, with a professional outsourcing provider, such as QArea, you shall be carefully guided and supported... Read more

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