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Warmup Specialist




We are looking for a professional Lead Warmer who will maintain all cold and warm leads. We are about people who create cool things together, who have fun and who love their work. The position will combine both the warm-up and the closing of leads. Very close work with the lead generation department.


  • Lead Generation


  • At least 2 years of experience specifically in cold sales;
  • At least 3 years working in IT;
  • English – Upper Intermediate +
  • Experience in writing chain letters / Linkedin messages with clear KPIs;
  • Experience in compiling personalized responses based on detailed research of the client and his company;
  • Experience of successful USPs and ICPs.
  • High-speed Internet Access


  • Help with the development of USP for sales department;
  • Help with finding ICP for sales department;
  • Weekly A/B writing of cold chaining messages and emails;
  • Writing responses to cold leads;
  • Keeping reports on cold leads of the lead generation department for half of the year in advance;
  • Maintain USP & ICP.


  • Сompetitive salary and fair evaluation procedures
  • Medical insurance
  • Healthy work-life balance with flexible working hours and an option to work remotely
  • Great working conditions with no bureaucracy
  • Self-development grants (language courses and sports)
  • Friendly environment with numerous offline and online events
  • Modern equipment

Opportunities we share

  • Interesting and challenging projects to complement your portfolio
  • Work experience with a huge variety of clients from all over the world
  • Knowledge sharing programs to help your personal and career growth
  • The ability to influence company decisions and processes

Why people want to work with us


Endless career

We provide lots of career growth opportunities to our employees, which is reflected both financially and reputably.


Mentorship &

We support peer assistance in the workplace and hold mentorship programs like IT Talks and in-house courses for various positions.


Career change

No need to look for a new job if you want to master new technology or another position. We’ll help you with your transition within QArea.



Our projects belong to a wide variety of industries, which will make your professional background more diverse.


Cozy & fun

We have four spacious R&D offices that have everything necessary for a comfortable work environment: a gym, yoga mats, sweets, foosball, VR set, etc.



We never turn hierarchy against our employees. People are the most valuable asset of QArea which is reflected in how we treat our team.

Our Hiring Process

We respect our candidates and value their personal time, which i s reflected in how we optimized our recruiting and hiring processes over time.

Send your CV

Apply for a job by sending us your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Initial screening

Our recruiter will get back to you if your resume meets our requirements in order to introduce you to the role.

Job interview

You will meet a few of your potential colleagues to talk about your skills, background, and expectations in detail.

Test task

We’ll negotiate a small test task with you, if necessary.  Depending on the project and position, this may be followed by an interview with our client.

You’re hired!

By deciding we are a good match for each other, we’ll agree the terms of you starting your career at QArea.

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