Why outsource?

Developing and testing software in-house may seem like the best solution and, in fact it is sometimes. However, if such a decision was so good, there would be no place for the huge IT outsourcing industry which is rapidly growing and advancing. Entire economies of certain countries are built around outsourcing and offshoring numerous solutions. How did this field get so demanded and popular?

There are various reasons why outsourcing projects may seem like the obvious solution. Maintaining internal teams is demanding, expensive and overfilled with obligations, and there are times when right people you may require for a project are just out of reach and this increases time required for searches and delivers more pain like employee relocation, even if you have managed to find a decent candidate. Developing in-house requires more time and resources and the investments may not even pay off at times.

Outsourcing, however, provides many businesses from a young startup to enormous enterprises with solutions of fine quality and reasonable price. In fact, 4 out of 5 top players in the IT industry (such as Microsoft) are using outsourcing in their business strategy, and that does happen for a reason.

Such solutions are cost-effective, minimize time-to-market and allow access to skilled and equipped developers, testers, engineers and other specialists.

On top of everything, risks are shared between two parties who have different levels of expertise in various processes and are a valuable addition to one another throughout the entire process. Literally, your business will gain access to previously unavailable resources and possess professionals with years of experience in fields your business may be new to.


  • Outsourcing does reduce operating costs and makes control over them easier
  • Outsourcing provides fast access to world-class talents and teams, that are already equipped and experienced in various types and kinds of projects
  • Outsourcing improves company focus on things that matter while technical aspects are left to professionals
  • Outsourcing takes responsibilities off internal resources making them available for numerous other tasks
  • If the difficulties you are facing seem unresolvable, there surely are teams providing outsourcing services of just the kind you may be requiring

Why Outsourcing to Ukraine?

Ukraine is a rising star in the world of IT outsourcing. It is located in Europe eliminating various cultural differences and has lots and more of talented specialist willing to deliver world-class quality for a reasonable price.

In fact, Ukraine is one of the most popular outsourcing destinations today. Its Information Technology outsourcing market is worth more than $1.5 Billion while more than 1K companies are providing their services with the help of 25.000+ specialists mostly situated in such cities as Kharkiv and Lviv.

Here are some awards Ukraine has already gained, just to name a few:

Ukraine earned the 1 place among entire 16 countries of our CEE region by the ‘CEE Outsourcing Review’ research conducted by CEEOA in 2007, 2008 and 2010.
World’s best places to outsource include Ukraine. Our country is now in Gartner’s top 30 Destinations for Outsourcing list.
The Global Service Location Index states that Ukraine is amongst top 50 countries that fit locating outsourcing services in its finest way possible.
This is the year Ukraine was announced as the top IT outsourcing destination of that year and awarded with the European Outsourcing Excellence Award.
According to a research conducted in 2010 by the 100 Global Services list – Ukraine is 11-th out of the first 20 countries leading in such fields as tech and IT services.
Ukraine is among 10 countries that may truly be proud with most certified professionals in the IT Industry, states the Global Report of IT IQ.

If you are interested in more materials about outsourcing in general with practical tips and guidelines you are free to look through our white paper.

Why us?

QArea has been providing IT outsourcing services since 2001 and we have learned much over time. Experience, skill, expertise, equipment – we have it all and most importantly we are fully aware on how to use these advantages effectively. Here are a few things you will be offered as a customer of QArea:

Ukraine is located in Europe, hence allowing a better grip and understanding of modern business needs as well as rich experience in collaboration and communication with customers from Western regions of the globe.
Ukraine is situated on the border between Europe and Asia, granting access to world-class premium technologies that come at an affordable price. European Quality comes in a package with the best possible pricing.
Our employees are well trained skilled, experienced and properly managed. They are certified in all vital parts the software industry has to offer and are equipped with the best tools IT can provide.
Teams of brilliant developers, testers, and managers are at your disposal 24/7, without any necessity of any intense investments into in-house teams. You will only pay for expected results and not a penny more due to such an approach.
A rare combination of both may barely be seen amongst various software providers worldwide, but we are oriented on long-term relationships with partners, thus we cannot afford delivering poor quality solutions while we still can offer services at fairly compatible rates.
We offer our customers the choice of which business model they would prefer seeing applied to their project, thus granting a better grip over general project flow and budget. You may choose an exact option that will be fitting to your needs.
We fully understand we provide customers with services and cannot expect anything but premium quality from the products we are delivering. It is in our best interest to deliver solutions to you in just the way you will be satisfied with them.
We have been on the market since 2001 and have already gained a base of grateful customers that we have helped a lot, even amongst top players such as AOL, Skype, Microsoft, The Huffington Post, and many others. We have their trust and are proud of it.