QArea is built around small, tight-knit teams of talented software engineers, architects, quality assurance professionals, who are passionate about the work they do and have all the skills and knowledge required to produce outstanding IT solutions. QArea's specialists have enough experience to design and develop quality IT solutions and solve almost any problem, which you may face in your business.

Max, founder

Max has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry along with management and business development expertise. He owns a membership of many international business clubs and communities. Having founded the QArea Inc. in 2001 as a small company specialiazing in Mobile&Wireless technology he was devotedly expanding and improving the company's specialization through the following years of its existance. Now Max is a CEO of the international and multi-disciplinary IT outsourcing company which name is QArea.

Aleksandr, director of testing division

Aleksandr has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry along with management and business development expertise. He has a broad experience in the high technology and development. He became the Head of Testing Devision at QArea 5 years ago having started with being the member of company's testing team. Now he has outstanding skills and experience in his field of activity, strong leadership skills and a huge number of projects successfully finished and managed by him.

Maxim, head of Web Department

Maxim is the Head of Web and Enterprise Services Business Unit. He had started his career in QArea as a website developer and after 7 years of successful work became a head of our web department. Maxim helped to create QArea's highly successful team which works with such services as Drupal, Symfony, Magento development and a lot of others.

Nikolay, head of Java Department

Being the Head of the Java Department at QArea for 7 years, Nikolay has proven his outstanding professionalism and leadership skills. He has a huge experience of 10 years in the field of information technology, particularly – in the field of Java and Android development. Being a real professional, Nikolay has a considerable portfolio of successful projects realized by the team of developers managed by him.

Elena, head of Sales Department

With more than 5 years of experience in business, consulting and sales, Elena has become a head of Sales Department. 7+ years experience in Business relationship building, profound management expertise and business development understanding allowed her to gain a reputation of an outstanding leader and professional. This is the first person you will definitely meet starting co-working with our company.

Leonid, head of iOS Department

Leonid joined QArea in 2006. Now he is the Head of iOS department. Leonid manages the engineering team, which consists of more than 20 developers and helps them to deliver high quality products, which meet deadlines, customer demand and market needs. He has more than 10 years of experience in software development, strong managment skills and deep knowledge in his technology branch. This allows him to be a real professional who successfully guides the team of specialists he manages.