Blackberry solutions are unique and user-centric. Blackberry smartphones are significantly different from their Android and Apple counterparts and it is this very difference that makes them interesting to a wide variety of open-minded users, thus this difference should become core part exploited in development. After all that is the reason numerous businesses tend to prefer Blackberry technologies for internal and enterprise communication. We ensure applications are developed with respect to all relevant security standards thus allowing a safe, stable and convenient information flow within enterprise and other types of apps.

Experience of our developers allows to outsource Blackberry app development in not one but two different ways: java-based (JSME) development and Blackberry MDS (Mobile Data Systems) construction. Both ways are unmatchable in terms of custom application development and significantly reduce maintenance and development costs by harvesting from Blackberry device core functionality and features like streaming media, push data, GPS navigation and more.


Blackberry is considered as a phone used by business people thus functionality of such phones needs to be complemented with solutions of highest levels. We create just such applications.
You can hire Blackberry developers at QArea who are keen on delivering services that surpass mere creation of code. Our experience allows us to guide and assist businesses towards perfection despite project complexity.
Considering heavy use of available tools and best practices that are added with robust experience we know how to properly maintain and develop Blackberry applications thus costs are reduce through quality.

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