C/C++ software development is one of QArea’s core activities. We are proud with set up and equipped teams of veteran developers who have a well-proportioned blend of skill, passion, dedication and experience – key components capable to drive even the most complex projects towards astonishing success. We have already provided hundreds of businesses from all core industries from banking and finances and up to healthcare with revolutionary, feature rich and scalable solutions of highest performance.

We are capable of creating C++ solutions for every desktop, web and mobile platform and have already proven libraries and developing tools at our disposal fully charged and ready to develop your next masterpiece software. Rich (10+ years) experience in C++ development allows us to use numerous best practices and to create architecture, code and test in a way that prevents most of possible challenges and risks thus software developed by QArea is secure and stone-solid.


We encourage efficiency throughout development more than anything thus all of processes are clear and transparent.
We use Scrum for flexible C++ development and embrace full might of this effective methodology in order to deliver cutting edge results. This way projects are kicked off easily and changes to them may be applied at any point without necessity to deal with re-work.
QArea has access to brilliant human resources from Eastern Europe and in combination with vast experience and awareness of all possible challenges that may occur throughout development we deliver solutions of maximum cost-effectiveness.


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