.NET framework powers a vast set of solutions tailored for high-class development of feature-rich, innovative mobile, web and enterprise solutions. Considering QArea is Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner we have rich experience in this particular niche of development and deliver cutting-edge solutions that harvest full might from technologies as: ASP.NET (MVC, Ajax), Visual C#, MS WCF, Azure, SQL Server and more. Developers from QArea have deep understanding of all .NET-based software and are capable of adding innovation to recognized best practices thus creating custom software with unmatched levels of scalability, functionality, performance and security.

.NET combined with ASP.NET technologies empowers creative, innovative and original development of apps and Web services that are 100% compatible with most up-to-date platforms. As an addition Microsoft’s global presence and brand potential are automatically added into your solutions. Develop new .NET apps with QArea or migrate existing ones into this fascinating framework. Whatever the case – QArea will be a powerful and trustworthy partner.


QArea’s 10+ years of “in-field” experience in development of .NET solutions combined with best talents in staff and partnership with Microsoft allows us to proudly state we only deliver cutting-edge, unmatched solutions.
We already know all possible pitfalls that await throughout the long journey towards successful launch. And we have already managed to find effective solutions and ways of overcoming such challenges.
We can provide you with teams of experts that will be tailored precisely to meet your needs and requirements and will have full access to full stack of .NET resources.


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