Drupal Values

We are astonishingly fluent in modern web technologies and our experience guides us to some of the best approaches of applying those technologies in a properly adjusted development flow, thus providing cutting-edge efficiency. That is why Drupal, one of the most effective, stable and customizable platforms is one of our weapons of choice. We provide you with an actual example of how all processes are being handled at QArea.

Function business conception
Roles per these steps:
- mockups

Sketches, Wireframes,
Black and White design,
Color design

System has to be designed
and tailored for users
not the other way around

a. This means close attention to ways users
are interacting with the system

b. How they FEEL the system

c. How user end-goals can be reached
with maximum simplicity

Technical writer
- user stories

Acception criteria definition,
Technical Justification,

Working software
over comprehensive

The difference:

A Project Backlog User Story example:

- "As a {role}, I can {action with system}
so that {external benefit}"

- And the Sprint Backlog User Story example would be:

- "As a {role}, I can {action with system} so that {benefit}"

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of a genius and a lot of courage to make things flow in the opposite direction"
Want your software to succeed – ensure people love it!
Want your software to succeed – ensure people love it!

6 “Please Notice Us” Usability Metrics...

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Developing sites people will love is easy.
Developing sites people will love is easy.

All it takes is a great idea. But there’s a catch....

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Drupal website Architecture
Drupal website Architecture

is an essential element vital enough to determine whether your product will succeed or fail!...

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Team Organization

Scrum Master
Product Owner
Scrum Team: - Development Lead - Developer - QA engineer

What are some major team characteristics?

The team is atomic whilst the sprint lasts

The team may increase/decrease only in-between the sprints, not while it lasts

Every team has a key person responsible for team activities (Development Lead)

Agile development is the new trend
Agile development is the new trend

in the business of software development....

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Planning release risks...
Activities and artifacts
  • - Planning meetings
  • - Project backlog
  • - First Sprint backlog
Note worth noticing:
User stories from the Project Backlog will differ from those in the Sprint Backlog
Risk Definition Risk Probability Proactive Actions Reactive Actions

Module module_name is in Alpha stage and has several defects in key features

1 Critical risk
Investigate all possibilities of fixes that may be applied to modules Elimination of all possible defects and replacement of them with custom solutions
Scrum Master
The Team
Product Owner
We know how
We know how

to ensure your site doesn’t get hacked. You should know that too!...

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Development Lead

- Latest updated version of Drupal

- Build straight on top of installation profiles.

- Modules that will assist in prototyping and that will speed the process significantly are installed and pre-configured.

- GIT is being setup.

- Continuous Integration (Jenkins) takes place.

- Code Reviews and Pull request Scenarios are at place.

- Instead of re-inventing the wheel extensive contributed modules should be applied.

- Same counts for Extensive features.

- Usage of responsive themes. This gives birth to Mobile-friendly solutions.

- SAAS, LESS only.

- Thinking is done upfront and before some bugs are even generated as one of the best-proactive ways of defect elimination.

Don’t hack the core.
Don’t hack the core.

Don’t allow developers to hack the core of your project. Just don’t, ok?...

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What will you do if your site goes out cold?
What will you do if your site goes out cold?

When the lights are out for good?...

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Project management tools


scrum master
Scrum Master

Tools of preference:


Continuous integration



What is used?


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