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Introduce the benefits of IoT to your daily business operations.
We build highly adaptable IoT solutions, connecting devices, sensors, and analytical tools that help you take customer relationships on a new level.

The power of IoT

Implemented along with AI and Machine learning, integration of IoT solutions reveals hidden possibilities for companies in the form of fast, easy, and secure data exchange between connected things. With instant connectivity, physical products become easier to use and introduce new ways of communication, task-planning, analysis, and execution.

Businesses with dynamic and chaotic environments implement IoT technology to smartly organize daily processes, increase efficiency, and ensure timely delivery. Internet of Things is widely applied in Edge Computing, AI, Smart Homes and Cities, Construction, Healthcare, and Energy industries. Businesses of any size can benefit from the introduction of IoT devices in their business—startups, SMBs, and enterprises alike. Take advantage of our variety of IoT services including beacons, RFID tags, sensors, wearables, connected cars, smart homes, healthcare devices, etc.

Our team can introduce the tangible benefits of IoT development to your business and is ready to share our knowledge with IT Consulting and development services. QArea has created own products to increase productivity and ensure transparency in our client-vendor relationships. Our goal-oriented approach makes us one of the best custom software development companies in Eastern Europe. We are ready to add intelligence to your product and help reduce the costs of daily business operations with IoT technology.

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Software Development Services

QArea provides full-cycle outsourcing software development services. From designing and developing a Minimum Viable Product to ensuring the flawless execution of your project with thorough manual and automated software testing.

Our Clients

Our clients - Kroodle
Our clients - Last Mile Health


A user-friendly password manager and a secure digital wallet that provides a high level of protection and offers an effective solution to password fatigue. It enables users to securely synchronize their data among an unlimited number of devices on all platforms.

  • Maintaining the security level by implementation and stabilization of the password changer feature;
  • Testing full redesign of the app on all the platforms;
  • New languages have been added to the app (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese), and this led to a wider array for test coverage.
  • Kanban and Scrum for project management.
  • Redmine and Jira for flexible and scalable project task management.
  • Zephyr for managing test suites and test cycles.
  • Deploys via HockeyApp (Android and iOS), SharedBo, and TestFlight.
  • Custom time-tracking and management tools to maximize productivity and meet client demands.
  • We have performed Functional testing; Compatibility, Regression, Ad-hoc, UI/UX, Validation, and Smoke testing;
  • Cross-platform (iOS, Android, MAC, PC) and cross-browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer) testing;
  • We reported and rechecked all the bugs before deploy;


Popular web portal famous for its political, entertainment, and opinion journalism, as well as contributions from prominent political, business, and media figures. With millions of daily visitors, the portal needed a formidable platform.

  • Making definite entries appear among the results of running search engines’ queries;
  • Simultaneous maintenance of a large number of users;
  • Quick generation of pages that contain dynamic and static data.
  • Modified MovableType platform, Amazon S3, memcache technology, and Akamai.
  • Redis NoSQL server for faster database queries.
  • MongoDB comment system implemented as a web service.
  • Websockets and Erlang-based server to ensure stability under 150k messages/second load.
  • Automated functional testing using Selenium to ensure platform quality.
  • The site has been featured on the main page of Yahoo several times.
  • The site lives perfectly with 200+k visitors per hour.
  • iOS client for The HuffPost news system works great.


Skype Click to Call plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox which allows users to make Skype calls right from their browsers. Thanks to the plugin, users are always just one click away from making a call and contacting potential business partners.

  • Ensure plugin functionality for Internet Explorer
  • Ensure plugin functionality for Firefox
  • Ensure correct localization across all supported languages
  • 4 Stages of testing across current and old browser versions
  • Manual plugin testing
  • Black-box testing
  • Regression testing
  • Localization testing
  • Full cross-browser testing of Skype Click to Call plugin
  • Full documentation of testing
  • Fully documented bug reports, status reports.
  • Suggestions regarding future improvements & enhancements.

Rebel Mouse

RebelMouse is an aggregator for social media that was launched by Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry. On the first look, this platform looks like a digital newspaper that represents a user’s social media events. The companion iOS app allows users to create a dynamic message feed from social networks with just a few touches.

  • Develop a social media aggregator and companion iOS application
  • Integration of Twitter and Facebook social feeds
  • Simple creation of social content from video, image, or text inputs
  • Social integration via Twitter & Facebook APIs
  • Customizable dashboard for media & content overview
  • Bookmarklet for easy sharing from content from around the Web
  • iOS application development for remote content management
  • Social feeds can be added to any page on the Web
  • 500,000 websites built using RebelMouse
  • Quick website creation based on content input
  • Automatic update of the front page based on social feed information.


Website designed and developed for Agon, a large insurance company based in the Netherlands. We were tasked with creating a trustworthy, functional, fast, and flexible website that presents insurance offers to the website’s users.

  • Build fast, flexible, and thorough website for an insurance company.
  • Fully-functional online portal for buying, editing, and canceling insurance plans.
  • Built-in social-sharing functionality
  • Client-side communication with server via JSON and Ajax.
  • Cross-browser testing ensuring stability on all platforms.
  • Social-sharing via Facebook API
  • Admin panel for user-submitted information.
  • 7 custom insurance types with individual parameters & price estimates.
  • Responsive design and stability across browsers.
  • Load testing to ensure stability with 1k+ simultaneous users.
  • On-site social sharing functionality.

Last Mile Health

Last Mile Health is a company that was founded by several survivors of the civil war in Liberia. The mobile application provides online digital help anytime anywhere can be truly life-saving. LMH gives users guidelines to provide medical assistance, thus spreading reach. To date, the application has already helped more than 280,000.

  • User recruitment, training, and support.
  • Assistance in stoping virus propagation
  • App must work without Internet connectivity.
  • Phone-Computer connectivity VIA Bluetooth
  • Native Windows and Android application
  • In-app surveys that are automatically archived for optimized data transmission
  • Data transmission across multiple phones
  • In-app training for users.
  • 280,000 people helped by volunteers
  • Trend analysis to monitor virus spread in far-flung villages
  • Volunteer training via in-app instructional videos.

Customer Reviews


Fred Jenkins

Executive VP at
This was my first project with QArea and definitely not my last. Most new working relationships take time to establish effective communication, especially when working with complex projects that require coders, designers, and project managers. In this case the project ran smoothly and when hiccups did occur, they were explained thoroughly and dealt with professionalism. Looking forward to future c...

Sasha Yakovleva

Executive Director at
“My experience of working with the team of QArea was 100% positive. I found every member of the team attentive to my needs, professional, open-minded, and available to talk to me whenever needed. I initially contacted this company to create my new website, but I ended up doing many other creative projects with them, specifically with the artist Alena. Alena works fast; her graphic design is clean...

Hire developers

QArea has over 250 engineers with unique experience with the world’s most in-demand technology stacks and programming languages. Whatever skills and experience your custom software development requires, we will have a team of highly qualified software developers ready to be interviewed and enlisted to work on your project.


Programming language created at Google in 2009 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.


Free and open source content-management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.


JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community.

QArea benefits

We’ve been methodically improving every aspect of our custom software development services to ensure that our customer obsession shows in the projects we deliver. QArea can boast a 60% return rate with clients.

  • 01

    CMMI Appraised

    We are the only mid-sized software outsourcing company with an appraised business unit in Ukraine.

  • Clear & Transparent Communication

    We developed two proprietary software solutions to give our clients a clear look at how their developers are spending their time and how good the quality of the delivered code is.

  • 03

    Scalable & Reliable

    Our dedicated development teams are flexible and reliable. From pricing to scaling teams up or down—QArea makes sure that your team is perfectly suited to the needs and requirements of your software project.

  • Flawless Execution

    We adhere to all requirements of the SLA and always deliver projects on time and within the negotiated budget. We are clear with our estimates and communication at every step of the development process.

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