PhoneGap is a one-of-a-kind framework that allows hybrid application development and gains might from such powerful technologies as HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and even Objective-C. iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry: whatever the platform your PhoneGap application will be absolutely comfortable on it. We only develop best solutions that are supported with rich functionality from Geolocation, GPS and accelerometers and to camera triggers and manipulators and even offline storages.

PhoneGap technology allows the code to be written only once and then solutions are deployed across all popular platforms meaning less time, resources and efforts are required to improve your businesses’ through-store presence on all device types. We also significantly value end user experience, thus applications delivered by our specialists are always customer friendly and aimed at best possible performance.


Developing a single solution and harvesting benefits from several platforms is quite the experience for a business owner because expanses and time-to-market are reduced while overall coverage gets increased.
A single solution requires special, sophisticated attention. We are fully aware of this fact and dedicate a lot of effort to even the slightest detail.
Experience in multiple domains and development of applications designed to fit in numerous industries has allowed our developers to determine best-fitting solutions, thus functionality of applications developed by us is simply jaw-dropping.


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