Symfony 2 is an astonishing PHP based open source framework. Its open code, vast control over databases and libraries, limitless configuration capabilities and flexibility transform Symfony 2 into a solid, scalable and flexible solution for corporate, commercial, social and web development projects of any complexity. We, at QArea, specialize on Symfony 2 web development services and aim at delivering up-to-date, cost-effective technological solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Highest levels of security and performance are achieved by combining skilled and experienced developers with limitless potential this framework already possesses.

Considering all the community support Symfony 2 framework receives, and a rich amount of existing solutions tailored with respect to this framework astonishing, breathtaking, bug-free complex solutions may be developed with mind-blowing cost efficiency and shortest time-to-market possible.


Symfony 2 is highly adaptable and customizable, every single block is 100% independent thus solutions may be designed and developed in the best possible way, fitting your business needs and requirements.
Symfony 2 possesses a rich amount of plugins (bundles, each of which adds additional functionality) that are used as bricks in development. Everything, up to the core itself may be adjusted with just the features you require.
Symfony 2 is known for great levels of security and, at the same time is simple in use and maintenance. You receive stable, long-lasting solutions with Symfony 2 that will not require large long-term investments.

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