Considering QArea is Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner we cannot afford to deliver anything less than ultimate Windows-based solutions. Our experts have already explored full possible potential of technologies like .NET, C++ and Windows Phone SDKs and are now willing to deliver cutting-edge solutions with astonishing UI/UX only the Windows platform may offer as well as astonishing integration of multiple Cloud Storage technologies and a full set of world’s hottest APIs into your app.

We only begin development after determined studies of your requirements and a performed analysis aimed to evaluate your application. Precise estimations are then delivered to ensure you are updated with all relevant information regarding development process. Thus we ensure amazing levels of collaboration and set up development in a way that will ultimately satisfy your business goals and objectives and it will flawlessly operate on all Windows-based devices.


We have earned the honor to become Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner for a reason. Our developers are skilled, experienced, equipped and ready to succeed with even the most complex project.
We have had years to master Windows app development thus we already possess vast experience appropriate tools and knowledge of numerous exquisite practices and may deliver cutting-edge solutions with no necessary re-working and we ensure all risks are being covered.
Our professionals are not worried about neither scale nor complexity. It’s not our first rodeo and we now know exactly what it takes to deliver jaw-dropping solutions with respect to both your budget and time-to-market.


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