Zend 2, a subject-oriented open source web app framework in PHP is a brilliant solution for hybrid and cross-platform web 2.0 app development. Zend 2 solutions provide you with a framework, server and Zend studio. Amazon, Yahoo, Google as well as many others are great examples of Zend web services. We, at QArea, create numerous solutions with respect to highest industry standards that were already set up with such giants as the companies listed above. Also, Zend 2 is a child from PHP language creators, thus is created and maintained with respect to all latest web trends and standards.

All Zend 2 solutions are empowered with vast support from a large community. This leads to significant growth in overall delivered quality, reduces costs and improves time-to-market delivery.


Zend Studio, Zend Server and Zend Framework are the three amazing project boosters you receive, when ordering Zend 2 development for your project.
Due Zend 2 provides MVC components, business logic is better isolated from the User Interface and HTTP requests are nicely mapped to particular user controller functions, thus applications based on Zend 2 have safer and more stable performance.
Zend-based products are easily scalable and properly maintained and managed without the necessity to make huge long-term investments.

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