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What we can do for you

A variety of services for any business goals.

Deliver complex features in simple forms

Custom .NET development

Custom .NET development

Turn even the most complex product ideas into reality and maintain 100% confidence in the strength and security of your software solution.

Express your brand’s unique personality

Web app development

Web app development

Want your web application to not only look appealing, but also work like a clock and have robust functionality? .NET is the go-to technology for that.

Design a solution your customers need

Migration to .NET

Migration to .NET

If you have an existing project and want to reap the benefits of .NET, we have the necessary tools and expertise for the smoothest migration process.

What you get


Best development practices

In our work, we follow the best industry practices and constantly work on our processes to deliver the quality and finesse our clients have come to expect.


Technical product ownership

When you have a team you can trust, there is nothing standing in the way of you focusing on the big picture and getting your product to where it needs to be.


Robust business expertise

We will not only develop a powerful .NET solution for you, but also use our extensive business expertise to help your product find the perfect market fit.


Data-driven decisions

When making any decision regarding your project, we will only use data from our business analysts and software architects, not guesses and assumptions.


Efficient communication

Transparent, direct communication both within the team and with the client allows us to establish the most effective and streamlined development processes.


DevOps competencies

We’ll optimize the CI/CD cycles in your project and develop your solution on the most reliable architecture thanks to the input from our DevOps experts.


Looking for a team to turn your innovative idea into a fully functional, stable product?

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Collaboration models


Dedicated team

  • Get a full team of professionals, from developers and QA engineers to designers and business analysts, to work on your software development project.
  • Let us take care of the everyday development challenges while you can be as hands-on involved in the project as you want.
  • Have full control over the methodology, scope, team size and composition, and scope of the project, and easily monitor the code quality with our tools.


Staff augmentation

  • Add as many .NET development experts to your team as your project needs and seamlessly incorporate them into your routine at any project stage.
  • Have complete control over the team member hiring process. Assess the professional and personal qualities of each employee before committing to a full project.
  • Get an opportunity to work with top development talent without spending money on onboarding or covering overhead costs such as office and equipment rental.


Time and material

  • Not sure how long your project is going to take or the objectives are prone to change throughout the development process? This is the perfect model for you!
  • Flexibility at its finest: hire as many specialists as you need and modify the composition and size of your team as the project requirements change.
  • Always know how far along your project is, how much it’s going to cost, and how efficient your team is with our transparent approach and regular updates.

Our featured .NET solutions

Bimsmith Analytics

A powerful analytics tool that enables building product manufacturers to efficiently monitor their brand-wide traffic across all the services on the BIMsmith platform.

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Development a website for industrial machinery manufacturer

Our client is a leading global manufacturer that supplies high-quality machines to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, nuclear power, automotive, electronics, and many others.

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How our .NET development outsourcing works

For years, we have been tuning our processes to make them efficient, smooth, and well-suited to every project and client. It takes just 5 steps to take your project from the initial request to the development stage.

Requirements analysis

  • Tech and business analysis
  • Review of the documentation
  • Project planning and scheduling

Company introduction

  • Meeting the management team
  • Process presentation
  • Further discussions

Project proposal

  • Project scope agreement
  • Cost estimation
  • Contract terms agreement

Assembling the team

  • Scouting the candidates
  • Conducting the interviews
  • Making final decisions

Project start

Project start

Our Technology

With 250+ software engineers and 20+ years in the business, we have mastered every development technology you can think of. No matter what kind of a project you envision, we’ve got the perfect tool for it in our extensive tech stack.

The start of your .NET project is one click away

Looking for a reliable .NET outsourcing partner? Meet the team that will take your idea and turn it into a lucrative product while caring as much about the success of your project as you do.

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What our clients say about us

In our work, we follow several key principles, such as following development best practices and meticulously checking the code quality. However, there is something equally important to us, and that’s fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust with our clients. Here are some of them talking about their experience of working with us.

“The team did excellent work and I was very happy with everyone we added to the project via QArea. Together we built a custom video CMS in Django and native apps for iOS and Android powered by json feeds from this CMS.”

Theo Burry

Theo Burry,

Former CTO at NowThis Media, Inc.

“QArea has shown to have very competent resources, and have delivered the quality that our team was expecting. Concerns arose over time (that’s expected) but you have always been very proactive in resolving them. ”

Peter Dunham

Peter Dunham,

Co-founder, Mr. Baffo.

“QArea has consistently delivered quality product for us and have been very accommodating when we were on tight schedules to complete our projects on time. We look forward to our continued development efforts with their team. ”

Jon Sugihara

Jon Sugihara,

President & Co-Founder at Perx.

“QArea has played a critical role in the development of HuffingtonPost.com. They have been able to become a part of the core team very quickly and develop amazing features that perform under the highest performance and demand requirements possible.”

Paul Berry

Paul Berry,

CTO at the HuffPost.

“The team were extremely responsive, with a quick turnaround, excellent client communications and have the flexibility to adapt to new requests. Responsive design can present a number of challenges but QArea were up to it and found the right solutions to meet our needs.”

Julie Gilbert-Binns

Julie Gilbert-Binns,

3rd Wave Communications.

“QArea was able to assist us with the design and development of a brand new site that our customers love. Because we have a CMS now, we can manage many aspects of the e-commerce site ourselves. Their team is responsive and professional and we always felt like our new site was in good hands. ”

Katherine VanHenley

Katherine VanHenley,

Third & Wall.

Why QArea

Start fast. Finish with confidence.

Quick start. Strong finish

We’ve got the resources to launch your project fast and impress you with the results.

100% Transparency

Absolute transparency

You’ll be the first person to know about any changes and updates in your project.

Excellent Code Quality

Outstanding code quality

We are checking the quality of the code at every step of the way and can vouch for it.

Cross-domain expertise

Cross-domain expertise

There is much more we can do for you than simply develop your .NET project.


question 1What can you do with .NET?

.NET is a powerful technology for developing all kinds of back-end solutions, including websites and web applications, IoT solutions, gaming software, CRM/ERP products, and more.

question 2Why should I outsource .NET development?

There are many benefits to NET development outsourcing, both technical and otherwise. Companies choose to outsource .NET development because it allows them to focus on things like getting their product out there while a team of experts is taking care of the technical side of the operations.

question 3What are the benefits of offshore .NET development?

One of the biggest benefits of offshore .NET development, besides the opportunity to work with top talents, is its cost-effectiveness. Not only is dot NET outsourcing more affordable than hiring an entire in-house team, but you also don’t need to pay for overhead costs such as office or equipment rental.

question 4How does your dot NET outsourcing service work?

The first step in any .NET outsourcing project is understanding your needs and the specifics of the product you want to create. Then we will determine together how many .NET developers you need and whether you need other specialists. After an efficient hiring process, your project can finally enter the development stage.

How much does outsourcing NET development cost?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the engagement model of your choice, as well as the complexity and duration of your project. To learn the exact cost of your .NET development project, contact us and get a quote in less than 24 hours!

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