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Over two decades of providing complex and versatile front / back-end solutions.

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Delegate your idea’s execution to the efficient team of developers, PMs, testing engineers, UX designers, and other specialists required to cover a JavaScrip-driven project from A to Z.

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Build up your team with one or more JS development experts

Looking to strengthen your in-house JavaScript development team? Keep the project under the corporate umbrella, adding a needed pool of esteemed developers.


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Tried-and-True process honed to your needs

As a result-driven custom JavaScript development company, we have built up processes that enhance efficiency and flexibility in every client’s case. Whether you need to hire several seasoned developers to reach the project’s goals on time or plan to delegate your entire project to one of our well-knit teams, we’ve got you covered.

Staff augmentation

Eliciting and analyzing requirements

  • Biz/tech/doc review and analysis
  • Requirements pre-modeling
  • Project groundwork and scheduling

Case-oriented company presentation

  • QArea introduction
  • Problem-solving demo
  • In-detail process discussion

Hiring process launch

  • Vacancies outline
  • Internal qualifications
  • Wide-range scouting

Forming the team

  • Shortlisting applicants
  • Vetting and interviews
  • Assembling the team

Project start

Project start

Requirements analysis

  • Business & Tech review
  • Documents analysis
  • Project drafting and scheduling

Presale introduction

  • Company presentation
  • Process demonstration
  • Multifaceted project discussion

Offer and estimation

  • Project scope assessment
  • Time & Budget evaluation
  • Contract terms settlement

Shaping the team

  • Shortlisting top candidates
  • Vetting and interviewing
  • Assembling the team

Project launch

  • Quick & focused start
  • Reviewing feedback
  • Honing the processes

Project launch

Project start

Our featured JavaScript development solutions

Development a website for industrial machinery manufacturer

Our client is a leading global manufacturer that supplies high-quality machines to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, nuclear power, automotive, electronics, and many others.

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Development a website for industrial machinery manufacturer


HuffPost (formerly The Huffington Post) portal was launched May 9, 2005, and very soon it became extremely popular.

Read more

Website Development for a Recruitment Software and CRM Provider

Creating a modern and compelling website that converts visitors into customers and helps the company reach its business objectives.

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Website Development for a Recruitment Software and CRM Provider

Odoo Redesign

Odoo is an open-source, feature-rich, customizable ERP solution that combines hundreds of integrated business apps for various business needs like inventory, eCommerce, project management, accounting, sales, CRM, and many more. 

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Odoo Redesign

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Our Custom Javascript Developer Testimonials 

Explore the reviews of those who’ve achieved outstanding results with our tailored JavaScript solutions. Their endorsements spotlight the quality of our custom JavaScript app development capabilities. If custom is what you seek, let’s co-create your next big success.

“The pivotal role QArea played in the evolution of HuffingtonPost.com cannot be overstated. Swiftly assimilating into the core team, they contributed features that surpassed the most stringent standards of productivity and demand. Demonstrating excellent corporate synergy, QArea exhibited the highest sense of responsibility and delivered top-quality work.”


Paul Berry,

CTO at the HuffPost.

“Our project was to produce the first step on an advanced e-commerce platform in .NET. QArea showed outstanding quality based on a great quality of code including structure, speed, and design. Within the budget, with the help of creative solutions, QArea does not only produce what we instructed, they actively and creatively suggest improved solutions. I truly recommend QArea.”

CBI Stores AB

Pontus Granborg,

Co-founder / CEO at DataSquad.se.

“I have worked for 1 year with QArea and have had a terrific experience. Very highly technically capable and excellent follow-through on promises made.”


Marc Cenedella,

Founder & CEO at Knozen, Inc.

“We’ve been working in collaboration with QArea for more than 3 years. During this period the QArea team showed a high level of professionalism and quality of work. We depend on their contribution and hard work for our project development. We rely on QArea for providing qualified and experienced resources at a reasonable rate.”


Nick Brachet,

CTO at Skyhook.

“The QArea team has been an indispensable asset for the client, helping the company achieve many of the milestones and releases with speed and the utmost quality. They would always go above and beyond to support impromptu releases.”

5th Kind

5th Kind,

QA Director.

Our technology expertise

Being known in the market for our full stack custom JavaScript development services, we don’t cease mastering evolving technologies and environments. It helps us offer custom solutions tailored to every client case and compile high-performance low-budget decisions. Please take a quick look at a tech roster we rely on when coming up with solutions for our clients.

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Leave your rivals behind and swipe customers off their feet by combining your top-notch idea with cutting-edge services provided by our JavaScript software development company.

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Full-cycle development teams

Project Manager

We bet you’ve heard that stretching yourself too thin in the project may harm you and the result you aspire for. Here is a compromise. You pick your battles carefully, while our project managers take care of the entirety of mundane yet vital tasks, including quality control. 

Business Analyst

Our JavaScript development company works with the end goal in mind. Developing an interactive website is not enough; making it appealing, scalable, and profitable hits the mark. A business analyst assesses various vantage points and masterminds the optimal market fit.

UI/UX Designers

Here are some tried and proven facts. In 9 out of 10 cases, users associate a website’s design with its reliability, and 80% of customers are ready to overpay for enhanced user experience. Every dollar spent on UX/UI optimization brings up to $100 in return. It is not an exhaustive list of why you will benefit from strengthening your team with our UI/UX experts.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps is a new black. Your idea’s triumph doesn’t solely depend on custom JavaScript development solutions. The project’s success is widely defined not only by development expertise but also by infrastructure reliability and optimized CI/CD processes. Our invested DevOps engineers take projects to the next level and ensure plain sailing delivery of your product.

Testing and QA Teams

Being a JavaScript web app development company for more than 20 years, we know the project is never done till it undergoes extensive testing and thorough QA. With more than 150 QA engineers on board, we guarantee that your product is secured, handles required loads, and works as intended.

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Benefits of custom JavaScript development with QArea


Free trial period for team members you hire

Forming a well-knit JavaScript development team may be challenging even when the best and the brightest specialists are involved. Before sealing a full-scale project commitment, we grant clients a free development team test run. 


Ongoing code quality assessment

We are fully confident in our custom JavaScript development services and provide clients with access to the proprietary code quality monitoring tools. Use them to keep abreast and standardize the code quality in your project. 


Equipment rental fee covered

There are no hidden fees or extra equipment payments for our clients. Both our developers’ workstations and a complete range of our 250+ physical test devices are rent-free. You only pay for the work done.


System administration is taken care of

Focus on the success of your project while we take care of mundane administrative and IT support tasks. Whether you need tool integration or communication channel setting — simply delegate it to our team.


Processes honed to your needs

Successful partnership is a two way street. Providing you with custom JavaScript development services we both assess your processes and make sure the way we do things is flexible and seamlessly fits your project’s dynamics. 


Instant team members replacement

While assembling a team for a project, we take numerous factors of compatibility into account. However, sometimes an expert just doesn’t fit the group. We will replace any member of the team, no questions asked.

Proficient developers.

Adaptive multitool solutions.

We are a JavaScript development company on a mission to turn your vision into a flawless product that brings you both market recognition and higher than expected revenue. While we put a focus on JS developers here, there are other project heroes onboard, making your idea market fit, ensuring its security, scalability and endurance under various loads. Whether you decide to pick specialists from our roster to strengthen your team, or delegate the entire project to us, the result is going to awe you.


Years in competitive market

Count on our two-decade experience in software development and get things done without a hitch.


Esteemed professionals

Our team members maintain their place among most trusted experts in the respective areas.


Pleased customers

Roughly half a thousand companies worldwide shared their project endeavor with us.


question 1Where is JavaScript mainly used?

JavaScript is primarily used to create interactive web applications, mobile applications for iOS and Android, server-side applications, and eCommerce web solutions, including payment modules. You can also stumble upon JavaScript as an auxiliary language in program packages (i.e., for Microsoft Excel) and part of IoT and machine learning solutions. Being one of the oldest web development languages, JavaScript comes with various helpful libraries, efficient frameworks, and to-the-point guidelines. 

question 2Which custom JavaScript development services do you provide?

We can plan, schedule, develop and test JavaScript project from scratch, as well as add required expertise to the existing project and take it to the next level. You can address our JavaScript development company at any stage of the development process, and we will find the most coherent and cost-efficient way to assist you.

question 3How to hire JavaScript developers?

There are two options, and each comes with benefits and limitations. First, you can hire one or more expert JavaScript developers to strengthen your in-house department or delegate your project to us. Fill in the free inquiry form, share your project’s details, or even just an idea you have. We will offer you the most suitable solution, adequate to the results you want to achieve and the timeframe you count on.

question 4How much does it cost to hire JavaScript developers?

We wish we could answer this question immediately. However, to give you a valid price for full stack JavaScript development services, we need to assess your project, consider the engagement model you choose, put together the project’s scale, potential duration, a number of experts needed, etc. Please, tell us briefly about your project, and receive a quote within 24 hours.

question 5How can I pay for JavaScript development services?

With more than 21 years of experience, we have established an efficient and client-friendly pricing policy. If you want to receive a quick estimate for custom web app or software JavaScript development services, please, address us via contact form or check on our Pricing page. All payments you make within the project are secure and confidential, the same as any other details of our cooperation.

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