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What we can do for you

Whatever type of product you have in mind, we can bring it to life.

Deliver complex features in simple forms

Custom React Native app development

Custom React Native app development

Want to build a solution for one mobile platform, a variety of mobile environments, or even a web app? We have the tools and experience required to create the most impressive app solutions.

Express your brand’s unique personality

React Native MVP development

React Native MVP development

Developing an MVP before committing to a full-scale project is one of the most essential steps for a startup, and React Native MVP development is something we excel at.

Design a solution your customers need

React Native migration

React Native migration

If you have an existing solution based on a different technology and now want to take advantage of the many benefits React Native has to offer, we can migrate your app without any loss of quality or performance.

What you get


Streamlined development

Our combination of mature business processes and adherence to industry best practices helps us deliver quality solutions exactly when our clients need them.


Technical partnership

We’ll be your trusted technical partner, allowing you to focus on important non-technical matters without having to be hands-on involved in the development. 


Robust business expertise

Finding a perfect market fit is just as vital as technical finesse, so our business analysts will increase your product’s value and help it find its ideal niche.


Data-driven decisions

Our decision-making process is based on the input from our top software architects and business analysts, therefore yielding the most comprehensive results.


Communication you can trust

We are constantly working on the communication, both within the team and with our clients, to make it more effective and fit to avoid the common roadblocks.


DevOps expertise

Our DevOps team will build the most reliable infrastructure for your software solution and optimize the CI/CD pipeline to achieve its maximum potential.


Stability, visual appeal, outstanding performance, and security — your app can have it all!

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Collaboration models


Dedicated team

  • Build your own product development team with developers, QA engineers, project managers, designers, and any other specialists your project may need.
  • Be as directly involved in the development of your project as you want to be — your experienced team can function independently or as part of a bigger picture.
  • Take advantage of the flexibility this model offers: scale your team up or down as the project requires and have full control over the budget and deadlines.


Staff augmentation

  • Certain development experts are hard to find where you live or cost too much to hire? Get access to top talent needed for your project in a matter of days.
  • Hire the leading specialists in every field without spending resources on scouting, hiring and onboarding. Assemble your perfect development team!
  • Work with the people you have a rapport with — interview the candidates to find the right ones, get a free trial period, and make adjustments when needed.


Time and material

  • Do you have a project on your mind but unsure how long it’s going to take or know that the requirements can change throughout its course? This is the model for you!
  • Get a fully functional iteration of your solution with each development cycle and stop or pause the work any time you feel like the product meets your expectations.
  • Your team will instantly make the necessary changes, so you can quickly react to the market shifts with minimal effort and non-existent risks for your project.

Our featured React Native solutions

B Betting Service Full-Cycle Development

A social betting simulator, where users can create and join private clubs to bet on their favorite sports with virtual money.

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Development and testing services for Meal Planning Application

A social platform for people who love food and would like to create a positive relationship with their body.

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A process tailored to your needs

The work on your project should not just result in a high-quality solution, but also be enjoyable for all parties involved. This is why we designed our process to be quick, effective, and able to meet every single one of your expectations.

Requirements analysis

  • Tech and business analysis
  • Review of the documentation
  • Project scheduling

Company introduction

  • QArea presentation
  • Overview of relevant cases
  • Demonstration of processes

Project proposal

  • Project scope agreement
  • Project cost estimation
  • Project terms acceptance

Assembling the team

  • Creating a pool of candidates
  • Interviewing the candidates
  • Finalizing the decisions

Project start

Project start

Our technology expertise

React Native is a progressive, versatile technology for building mobile solutions, but it’s only one of the numerous technologies we have mastered over 20+ years of working in the software development industry. Here is what our mobile tech stack looks like.

Lay the foundation for your app’s future!

Work with a team of experts who will treat your project with the attention and precision it deserves. The success of your project and your utmost satisfaction are our end goal.

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What our clients say about us

Being a customer-obsessed company, we put the relationships with our clients on top of the pyramid, along with the quality of our work and strictly following the deadlines. And since many of our first-time clients eventually return to us with new project ideas, we must be doing something right. Here are some of our clients talking about working with us.

“The team did excellent work and I was very happy with everyone we added to the project via QArea. Together we built a custom video CMS in Django and native apps for iOS and Android powered by json feeds from this CMS.”

Theo Burry

Theo Burry,

Former CTO at NowThis Media, Inc.

“QArea has shown to have very competent resources, and have delivered the quality that our team was expecting. Concerns arose over time (that’s expected) but you have always been very proactive in resolving them. ”

Peter Dunham

Peter Dunham,

Co-founder, Mr. Baffo.

“QArea has consistently delivered quality product for us and have been very accommodating when we were on tight schedules to complete our projects on time. We look forward to our continued development efforts with their team. ”

Jon Sugihara

Jon Sugihara,

President & Co-Founder at Perx.

“QArea has played a critical role in the development of HuffingtonPost.com. They have been able to become a part of the core team very quickly and develop amazing features that perform under the highest performance and demand requirements possible.”

Paul Berry

Paul Berry,

CTO at the HuffPost.

“The team were extremely responsive, with a quick turnaround, excellent client communications and have the flexibility to adapt to new requests. Responsive design can present a number of challenges but QArea were up to it and found the right solutions to meet our needs.”

Julie Gilbert-Binns

Julie Gilbert-Binns,

3rd Wave Communications.

“QArea was able to assist us with the design and development of a brand new site that our customers love. Because we have a CMS now, we can manage many aspects of the e-commerce site ourselves. Their team is responsive and professional and we always felt like our new site was in good hands. ”

Katherine VanHenley

Katherine VanHenley,

Third & Wall.

Why QArea

Start fast. Finish with confidence.

Quick start. Powerful finish

We have the resources to launch your project fast and blow you away with the results.

100% Transparency

Absolute transparency

We’ll regularly inform you about the matters in your project that need your attention.

Excellent Code Quality

Superb code quality

Each line of code written by our brilliant developers is something we can vouch for.

Cross-domain expertise

Cross-domain skillset

There is so much we can do for you beyond the use of our React Native expertise.


question 1What can you do with React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework that allows you to build both simple and complex mobile solutions. These can include iOS and Android apps, hybrid applications, and web apps that can be accessed on any device.

question 2Why should I outsource React Native development?

Compared to in-house development, React Native outsource is a more cost-effective alternative. You get to work with top experts who are location-independent and can deliver quality services no matter how many miles there are between you. Moreover, offshore React Native app experts typically cost less to hire than developers in your country.

question 3How does your React Native outsource service work?

The first step in your customer journey is to fill out our form, which will give us the initial information about your project. Then we will schedule a call to further discuss your requirements and what we have to offer. And once we settle on every detail, your project is good to go.

question 4How much does it cost to outsource React Native developers?

We don’t have standard prices to give you right now because each project is different. As soon as we decide together how many specialists you need, how broad your project’s scope is, and which services you require besides React Native development, we will be able to give you an estimate. This usually takes less than one day.

Do you do anything besides offshore React Native development?

We sure do! We are a full-service software development company, meaning we can help you with pretty much every aspect of developing a new product. From conceptualizing and designing it, through MVP development, and all the way to developing and testing your solution, we have the right people for every task.

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