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Custom React development services

We will seamlessly incorporate our development expertise into your existing processes.

Deliver complex features in simple forms

Hire React developers

Get 1 or more React.js experts

Developing a React project and feel like it could use additional expertise? Strengthen your in-house development team with our React.js engineers.

Express your brand’s unique personality

Outsource a React project

An entire development team

Don’t want to hire a complete in-house development team for a single project? Entrust us with your custom React.js development project from start to finish.

We have everything it takes to turn your idea into a lucrative web solution.

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Launch your project with QArea’s streamlined processes

Here you can see our custom workflows for each engagement model. Regardless of the collaboration approach you choose, we aim to take less than two weeks from the initial request to the first line of code written by our developers.

Staff augmentation

Requirements analysis

  • Tech & business analysis
  • Reviewing the documentation
  • Project planning

Initial presentation

  • Company introduction
  • Providing references
  • Getting to know the processes

Start of hiring

  • Selecting internal candidates
  • Preparing vacancies
  • Scouting external candidates

Interview stage

  • Creating a pool of candidates
  • Interviewing the candidates
  • Reviewing the results

Project launch

  • Assembling the team
  • Team member introduction
  • Beginning the work

Project start

Project start

Requirement analysis

  • Tech & business analysis
  • Reviewing documentation
  • Project planning

QArea introduction

  • Company presentation
  • Further project discussion
  • Introduction to processes

Project proposal

  • Project scope evaluation
  • Time & budget estimation
  • Contract terms agreement

Team assembly

  • Creating a pool of candidates
  • Conducting the interviews
  • Deciding on the team composition

Project launch

  • Beginning the work
  • Regular feedback
  • Project documentation

Project start

Project start

Our featured React solutions


Usability is king. This is especially true for the project aimed at a worldwide audience. We built a stable, secure, and user-friendly platform for a client who promotes global activism. Now our client knows that their website can resist huge usage loads and deliver a positive experience for each visitor, no matter where they come from.

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High traffic is both the main goal and challenge for the news websites. We helped HuffPost build a site and app that are incredibly convenient to use and capable of sustaining the heavy usage load. Having optimized the front-end and back-end of HuffPost, our client can be sure that their message delivery system can send 150,000 messages per second.

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Some of our tech partnerships

Last Mile Health

Testimonials about Custom ReactJS Development Services

Our reputation as a custom ReactJS development company is backed by positive client experiences — from streamlining e-commerce platforms, to developing immersive social media integrations and building robust data visualization dashboards. Browse through our projects to witness our specialized approach in ReactJS. Dreaming of a unique and robust project? Let us be your guide.

“The pivotal role QArea played in the evolution of HuffingtonPost.com cannot be overstated. Swiftly assimilating into the core team, they contributed features that surpassed the most stringent standards of productivity and demand. Demonstrating excellent corporate synergy, QArea exhibited the highest sense of responsibility and delivered top-quality work.”


Paul Berry,

CTO at the HuffPost.

“Our project was to produce the first step on an advanced e-commerce platform in .NET. QArea showed outstanding quality based on a great quality of code including structure, speed, and design. Within the budget, with the help of creative solutions, QArea does not only produce what we instructed, they actively and creatively suggest improved solutions. I truly recommend QArea.”

CBI Stores AB

Pontus Granborg,

Co-founder / CEO at DataSquad.se.

“I have worked for 1 year with QArea and have had a terrific experience. Very highly technically capable and excellent follow-through on promises made.”


Marc Cenedella,

Founder & CEO at Knozen, Inc.

“We’ve been working in collaboration with QArea for more than 3 years. During this period the QArea team showed a high level of professionalism and quality of work. We depend on their contribution and hard work for our project development. We rely on QArea for providing qualified and experienced resources at a reasonable rate.”


Nick Brachet,

CTO at Skyhook.

“The QArea team has been an indispensable asset for the client, helping the company achieve many of the milestones and releases with speed and the utmost quality. They would always go above and beyond to support impromptu releases.”

5th Kind

5th Kind,

QA Director.

Our technology expertise

React is one of the most popular frameworks for web solutions, but it’s only one of the many front-end technologies we have mastered over the years. Whether you need a complex web app, a simple corporate website, or a single-page application, we will use our extensive technology roster to find the perfect solution.

Develop a solution to meet your business goals

Whatever kind of project you have in mind, we can bring your idea to life with the use of our technology expertise. Tell us what you need and we’ll tell you how we will get you there!

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Mobile App

Full-cycle software
development teams

Project Manager

As the mastermind behind the product idea, you cannot realistically combine this role with the role of a project manager. You need someone who will manage your team hands-on, and our experienced project managers are perfectly equipped to do it.

Business Analyst

A business analyst is a person who will investigate every aspect of your product at its current stage and will present an actionable list of improvements that will get your solution to the heights it deserves.

UI/UX Designers

The flexibility, speed, and stability of React make it perfectly suited for all kinds of web solutions, but it also takes a convenient, logical, and attractive-looking interface to achieve user recognition. Our UI/UX designers have trained for years to create a stunning, intuitive UI.

DevOps Engineers

In order to deliver flawless performance and to improve the delivery process, your solution needs to be built on a reliable infrastructure. Our DevOps engineers will establish all the processes needed for continuous delivery and wide accessibility of your product

Testing and QA Teams

The work on a software project doesn’t end with the last line of code being written. After the release, as well as after every major and even major change to the code, it’s essential to perform all-encompassing testing, and as a full-service development and QA team, we know how to do it well.

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Benefits of working with our React development agency


Free trial period for new team members

We know it takes more than a couple of moments of work to understand whether you and your new team members are a good match. This is why we provide a free trial period for every new employee you hire.


Constant monitoring of code quality

When you order our custom React.js development services, you also get access to our proprietary code monitoring tools. They will give you a clear picture of where your project quality stands right now.


All the infrastructure included

You won’t need to pay for equipping the workstations of our employees or buy additional devices and other tools needed to establish the testing process — we’ve got all the infrastructure ready.


System administration is on us

We will take care of every aspect of administrative and IT support on your project. From setting up communication channels to integrating project management tools — our system administrators are on standby.


Flexibility with the processes

Depending on the way things are done at your company, we can adjust our development processes to your needs or suggest the most effective and resource-saving way to reach the objectives.


Quick team adjustments

We will try our best to match you with the best-suited engineers, but sometimes, the connection just isn’t there. In that case, we will quickly make the adjustments required for the project to continue smoothly.

Strong expertise.

Tangible results.

We have been finely tuning our processes and gaining proficiency in web development with one purpose: to help our clients turn their vision into successful products. After completing countless projects, we are ready to do the same for you. There is no project too big or too complex for us. When you hire React.js developers from QArea, you can expect outstanding quality, complete flexibility, and 100% transparency.


Years of experience

Our experience with React dates back to when this framework just started and continues until these days.


Professional developers

Our motto is to hire only the most brilliant candidates and create an environment for them to grow.


Trusted partnership

The trust of our clients and the number of projects in our portfolio are the best proof of our capabilities.

How we do and do not work

question 1What is React.js used for?

React is a JavaScript framework that is used to develop the front-end of all kinds of web solutions. When used in websites and web apps, React.js is responsible for the view layer of the solution that the end user interacts with in their browser.

question 2Is React suitable for mobile app development?

No, React is purely a web development technology and cannot be used to create mobile apps. You can use React Native or a variety of other mobile technologies for that.

question 3Why should I go for React?

React is a diverse, flexible technology that allows you to create nearly any high-performing, fast web solution you can think of. It’s arguably the most popular front-end framework, which is why it offers a huge community support and a variety of additional tools and enhancements.

question 4Should I choose React outsourcing or outstaffing?

It depends on where your project stands at the moment. If you have an in-house development team and need to strengthen your front-end expertise, then outstaffing is the perfect solution for you. In case you need a whole team to develop a new project, then consider using our outsourcing services.

question 5How can I hire React developers?

To hire React.js developers for a project of any scale or complexity, simply fill in the form on our site and provide a few details about your project so that we could match you with the most relevant specialists.

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