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Our custom WordPress development services

Flexible assistance on your terms from a WordPress web development company.

Deliver complex features in simple forms

Hire WordPress developers

Hire WordPress developers

Add the missing expertise to your in-house development team with one or more WordPress developers and build your project faster and more efficiently.

Design a solution your customers need

Outsource a WordPress project

Hand your project to a well-knit team of JavaScript developers

Assemble a custom team of WordPress developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, software testers, and other specialists to create a powerful product from scratch.

Turn your product idea into a working solution with our custom WordPress development services.

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Quick start and powerful finish with QArea’s finely tuned processes

Over the years of providing custom WordPress development services, we have developed a procedure that allows us to get the best results with a smart use of both our and our clients’ resources. Here is how the work on your project is going to go.

Staff augmentation

Requirement analysis

  • Business & tech analysis
  • Documentation review
  • Creating project roadmap

Formal introduction

  • Company presentation
  • Review of references
  • Process demonstration

Hiring process initiation

  • Outlining requirements
  • Locating internal candidates
  • Scouting external candidates

Assembling the team

  • Finalizing the shortlist
  • Conducting the interviews
  • Making the decision

Project launch

Project start

Requirements analysis

  • Assessing tech & business specs
  • Outlining the goals
  • Planning the project

QArea introduction

  • Presenting the portfolio
  • Process demonstration
  • Project roadmap creation

Project proposal

  • Project scope agreement
  • Time & budget estimation
  • Project terms acceptance

Team assembly

  • Identifying the roles
  • Locating the candidates
  • Interviews & approval

Project launch

Project start

Our featured WordPress solutions

Website Support for a Canadian Lending Company

IT support and maintenance for a website of a Canadian lending company that provides loans, mortgages, and other financial services to its customers.

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Development a website for industrial machinery manufacturer

Development services for Third & Wall platform

Third & Wall is an art company committed to publishing and promoting exceptional artists.

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Website Development for a Recruitment Software and CRM Provider

Creating a modern and compelling website that converts visitors into customers and helps the company reach its business objectives.

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Website Development for a Recruitment Software and CRM Provider

Our most cherished tech partnerships

Last Mile Health

Customers Say About Our Custom WordPress Website Development

WordPress is the foundation of many online experiences, but it takes a special touch to make it truly custom. Our expertise lies in molding WordPress to fit unique visions. These testimonials reflect the satisfaction and success we’ve brought to businesses through our custom WordPress web design. If you’re dreaming of a distinct website, journey through our client stories to see our approach in action.

“The pivotal role QArea played in the evolution of HuffingtonPost.com cannot be overstated. Swiftly assimilating into the core team, they contributed features that surpassed the most stringent standards of productivity and demand. Demonstrating excellent corporate synergy, QArea exhibited the highest sense of responsibility and delivered top-quality work.”


Paul Berry,

CTO at the HuffPost.

“Our project was to produce the first step on an advanced e-commerce platform in .NET. QArea showed outstanding quality based on a great quality of code including structure, speed, and design. Within the budget, with the help of creative solutions, QArea does not only produce what we instructed, they actively and creatively suggest improved solutions. I truly recommend QArea.”

CBI Stores AB

Pontus Granborg,

Co-founder / CEO at DataSquad.se.

“I have worked for 1 year with QArea and have had a terrific experience. Very highly technically capable and excellent follow-through on promises made.”


Marc Cenedella,

Founder & CEO at Knozen, Inc.

“We’ve been working in collaboration with QArea for more than 3 years. During this period the QArea team showed a high level of professionalism and quality of work. We depend on their contribution and hard work for our project development. We rely on QArea for providing qualified and experienced resources at a reasonable rate.”


Nick Brachet,

CTO at Skyhook.

“The QArea team has been an indispensable asset for the client, helping the company achieve many of the milestones and releases with speed and the utmost quality. They would always go above and beyond to support impromptu releases.”

5th Kind

5th Kind,

QA Director.

Our technology expertise

WordPress is a versatile, powerful technology that can be used for developing all kinds of web, CMS, ERP, and eCommerce products. Still, it’s not the only technology we have on our roster. In fact, our technology stack contains every tool you may need to create functional and engaging solutions.

Your strong idea plus our reliable execution equals a successful WordPress product.

As a custom WordPress development company, we will use our vast experience and innovative vision to give you the highest quality of the product you can expect.

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Mobile App

Full-cycle development teams

Project Manager

Being a jack of all trades when developing your product is an attractive idea in theory but doesn’t work that well in reality, as you risk losing focus on the important parts. With a dependable project manager taking care of the development process, you can continue overseeing the big picture without making any sacrifices.

Business Analyst

A thriving software solution is more than just about a brilliant idea and an equally brilliant execution — without a proper market fit, it will never reach the heights it would otherwise. This is exactly what our business analysts, who have years of relevant experience and a robust toolkit at their service, will be responsible for.

UI/UX Designers

Your future users will definitely consider the impressive functionality of your product when making the choice in its favor, but they will never make that choice if the design is not up to the challenge. Our talented UI/UX designers will use best practices and industry trends to give your product an appealing, contemporary look and feel.

DevOps Engineers

An experienced DevOps engineer will manage every technical aspect of the development process, from introducing the necessary tools and methodologies to optimizing the deployment pipeline to achieve predictable results. In other words, a DevOps specialist will build a strong infrastructure for your custom WordPress development project.

Testing and QA Teams

If you’re aiming for the unparalleled quality of your product and high user engagement, then the work on the project isn’t even nearly done after the last line of code has been written. It also takes rounds of functional, non-functional, and regression testing to make sure your product is ready to be released, and our QA team is perfect for the job.

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Benefits of custom WordPress development with QArea


Trial period for new team members

You can be as much personally involved in the whole selection process as you want and then get a free trial period to see how well you and your team click with the new employee.


Code quality you can trust

The quality of our code is one of the many things we are 100% confident in, and you will get access to our proprietary code quality monitoring tools to share our confidence.


No equipment rental fees

When you use our WordPress development services, we are taking care of equipping the workstations of your team members and making use of 250+ physical devices for testing.


System administration included

The administrative and IT support of your project, including providing the necessary tools and communication channels, will never cost you extra when you’re working with us.


Highly adjustable processes

We will always suggest the most efficient development process for your project, but we are completely open to tailoring it to better fit the existing operations at your company.


Quick team replacements

Turns out the new team member isn’t a perfect match after all? We’ll quickly replace them with a new employee at no additional costs so that the process can continue.

Technical expertise.

Personalized approach.

We have spent the past decade polishing our craft as a custom WordPress development company. Throughout dozens of completed projects and satisfied clients, we have realized what our clients are looking for: a combination of unparalleled tech expertise and an approach that can be adjusted at every level. Whether you need WordPress CMS development services, a personal blog, or an eCommerce site, we will always meet your expectations.


Years of experience

We have never stopped improving our skillset and our strong work ethic.


Talented engineers

We are proud of our carefully curated team of experienced developers.


Professional partnerships

Hundreds of clients have trusted us with the development of their products.

Frequently asked questions

question 1What kind of WordPress development services do you provide?

Our robust expertise as a custom WordPress development company allows us to turn pretty much any WordPress project idea into a fully functional and stable product. From feature-rich corporate sites to eCommerce solutions and WordPress plugins or themes — we can do it all.

question 2Which business models do you offer?

We offer two main engagement models to our clients: staff augmentation and outsourcing. Staff augmentation allows you to hire one or more WordPress developers for a new or ongoing project to strengthen your in-house team. With outsourcing, you can establish a whole team of developers, designers, and QA engineers to develop your project from scratch.

question 3How much do your custom WordPress development services cost?

In our work, we don’t use the fixed cost model, so there is no way to precisely answer that question without knowing at least some specifics of your projects. The most productive way to do it is for you to fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you with an estimate in 24 hours.

question 4How many WordPress developers can I get for my project?

As many as you need! If you already have an in-house team of WordPress developers but feel like you need additional expertise to develop your project more efficiently, we can add as few as one WordPress developer to your existing setup.

question 5How will I get updates on the development of my project?

Even when outsourcing your entire custom WordPress development project to our team, you will be able to oversee the development and monitor the milestones using any communication channel or their combination you prefer. Emails, chats, or weekly video calls with the team — it’s all up to you!

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