Banking & Finance

We are proud to provide banks and other financial institutions with a strategic advantage in both risk management and performance granting amazing flexibility while being cost-effective at the same time.

E-commerce & Retail

Benefit from a search engine friendly E-Commerce platform developed by the highest standards of the industry and equipped with up-to-date mobile commerce features for even better customer engagement.

Medicine & Healthcare

Empower and improve your healthcare business with a web, desktop or mobile solution created by developers who possess deep technology expertise and vast knowledge of the industry. Gain a team you can fully trust.

GIS & Navigation

Proficient, efficient and cost-effective GIS and Navigation services can be entirely at your disposal. Our vast experience gained from hard work on numerous related projects may be ultimately utilized into astonishing layers of GIS maps and Navigation solutions integration.

Media & Entertainment

We are experienced in developing creative and feature-rich solutions that will satisfy entertainment needs and surprise even those most demanding users. Flexible development models will also empower you with greater control over all processes.

Communities & Social Networks

Sharing and user engagement are two foundation stones required for rich social solutions and you will be provided with experts in this industry ensuring the network or community you have planned will be implemented using premium, world-class practices throughout the industry.


Any amazing e-learning solution has to be entertaining and engaging. It also has to respect the personal time of potential students, ensuring the knowledge you are delivering is relevant to them. Our teams are keen on developing just such solutions.

Travel & Hospitality

People trust their devices with more functions today especially when travelling. It can be your app that they use while on the road. All it takes is proper development of the highest quality and that is where we can assist your business.


Development Services

QArea has been providing high quality software development and testing services ever since 2001 and our teams have mastered numerous best ways of satisfying the needs of clients from multiple industries like banking, finance, travel and hospitality, social media, healthcare, and entertainment, etc. If there is something our team has learned over these years - it’s how to create rich, robust software solutions. We have realized outsourcing is more than mere services one party provides the other with. Outsourcing requires collaboration and mutual involvement. Those are keystones of one true way to mutual success. We at QArea work according to these standards, meaning you will be advised with appropriate flexible solutions. You will maintain all control over all processes to ensure both testing and development are headed in directions that fit your business goals in the best possible ways.

A variety of business models sharpened with 17 years of experience will be at your full disposal, ensuring your projects will get appropriate treatment. Our experts are also equipped with all the right tools and expertise, allowing development and testing on various platforms, and with a focus kept on the highest standards of the industry your interest lies with. Please feel free to go over projects we have already completed through our portfolio or contact us for more information. Looking forward to hearing from you!


If even such a crucial benefit of outsourcing as cost reduction is left aside, QArea may still pack a full sack of reasons you should consider working with us.

  • Primarily, we provide you with talent in web, desktop, and mobile development and testing. Our experts are already well trained, properly managed, and equipped with all possible necessities, and have rich experience in various kinds of projects: from banking and even healthcare solutions to social media and entertainment platforms.
  • Secondly, there is flexibility that allows you to stay in full control over all outsourced processes. You are also free to choose the best fitting and most cost-effective business model that will perfectly match all your needs. We provide you with the following options:
    • Fixed price model
    • Dedicated team
    • A business model built entirely on the time and materials your project may require
  • We also offer our experience and expertise from various industries. We have gained and cherished skills over all the years we have been in the outsourcing business.

There are also many other benefits you may find out about in more detail by simply contacting our managers.

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